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25 Feb, 23

Friday, 25th February 2023
In this update, we’ve released following points:
Renamed “Master Admin” to Warehouse(Admin)
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Introducing Purchase Order (PO) in Warehouse Management.
Child Pharmacy can generate PO from Shortbook.
It will auto reflected in Warehouse Management as Order-wise as well as Item-wise
Generate Wholesales Invoice or Stock Transfer for Child Pharmacy from PO
Generate and Share PO from Shortbook.
Generate PO and Share it with Distributor/Supplier for ordering.
Introducing Delivery Challan in Purchase
Delivery Challan will update item stock but it will not update Party Ledger.
Set Default Doctors.
Set up to 3 Doctors as Default. In Sales Invoice, you don’t have to search every time for your default Doctors.
Enabled search by item Tags and Category in Shortbook
Auto Fetch Purchase Return from child Store in Wholesales Return.
Now you can fetch Purchase Return from child Store when generate its Wholesale Return.
Customise “Invoice” label in Sales Print.

Other Fixes and Improvements
Allowed to change payment status of Sales Draft in edit mode
Fixed issue of fetching expired items in bulk batch delete page (now only check month)

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