17 Jun, 22

Friday, 17th June 2022
In this update, we’ve released following points:
Manage HSN Code, GST & CESS Percentage
Screenshot 2022-06-17 at 9.43.17 AM.png
Delete Duplicate or incorrect Purchase or Purchase Return (In Beta Launch)
You cannot delete that purchase if any CN adjusted into it. First you have to release that CN from Purchase, later on you can delete that purchase return.
Screenshot 2022-06-17 at 9.45.37 AM.png
Calculate item Net Discount from Scheme. e.g. Enter 10+1 in Free column
Screenshot 2022-06-17 at 9.48.07 AM.png
Add RTGS/NEFT payment option in Manage Expenses
Add IGST column in Wholesales & Sales Bill Register Report
Screenshot 2022-06-17 at 9.52.50 AM.png
Manage Check Number Validation.
Screenshot 2022-06-17 at 9.54.10 AM.png
Download & Share Due reports with B2B Customer
Screenshot 2022-06-17 at 10.03.24 AM.png

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