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10 May, 22

Tuesday, 10th May
In this update, we’ve released following points:
Payment single entry in Purchase Ledger
Now you can issue voucher in purchase ledger

Manage Discontinued Product
Now you can Hide Discontinued Product from your account with owner account simply press Alt + f
click on tick button
Product Discountinue highlighted.png
Manage Bank Entry in Sale Bill Credit to Cheque/RTGS
While Updating sales bill credit to cheque / RTGS, you will get option to add cheque details

payment mode cheque upload.jpg
sales bill in cheque 2.jpg

Mobile Number masking in Sales/Draft/Return
You can Mask customer Number from staff account in Sales/Draft/ return now by turning it off from sales setting> Profile > Settings > Set Customer Mobile Number Secure
masking update.png
Sales number masking highlight.png
sales return highlight.png
Change Online Order UI, Same as Sales listing and details page
More Simplified eOrder Listing and Details page
sales eorder screen .jpg


Add Stock wise sorting in Shortbook
stock wise Shortbook highlight.png
Add/Remove item in Shortbook on Online Orders, Sales, Purchase, Wholesales & Returns
Now you can add/remove items in Shortbook on the basis of online orders, sales, purchase, wholesales & Returns along with min./max. Qty.
Take single quantity in Purchase Return while scanning QR code
Stock in Strip in Shortbook search results
Remove last name validation from adding new family member
Adding Last Name to add new Family member is not mandatory now
Set default 0 in Default Discount in adding new family member
Now you can add new family member with 0 default discount
Improved customer search in Wholesales and return. Show traded customer first
While you search for customer in wholesales and wholesales return, it will first show you your traded customer like purchase
Restrict Credit to Cash in edit Purchase
Now you can not change payment mode from credit to cash while the bill is in edit mode, you can change it from history/listing or from bill directly

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