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Product Updates - Feb 24

Product Updates - Jan 24
Following is a summary of all the major updates briefly described in the above link.

Improvement in Schedule & GST Purchase Report.
Chemist can now upload Doc 20 F in Profile.
We are now fetching TDS/TCS from CSV in Purchase.
Filter to sort customer requested products in Short book.
Acknowledgment has been added in B2B invoice.
Tooltips are added in Inventory.
Improvement in Gallabox Integration.
Staff wise activity summary report for Purchase Return & Sale Return.
Purchase Return type will not be with GST by default, it will be blank and alerts will be displayed while saving the Invoice.
Tooltip added in staff sessions that the owner can log out of the devices if the plan has Device Security Add On.
Filter to check whether e-invoice has been generated against a B2B bill.
Edit Logs have been added in Stock Transfer Out tab.
Impact column has been added in Purchase Margin Report.
Phone app improvements - Default doctor suggested in sales, additional fields added while adding new Doctor & Customer.

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