How To Print Your Magazine In Cheap Price

If you are planning to print your own magazine, do you know how to control your budget and make it print in cheaper price? In this article, we will explore how to print a magazine in cheap price through below 4 factors.
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Magazine is a printed reading material that has a fixed title and is published regularly or irregularly in order of issue, volume, number, or year and month. It compiles the works of many authors into volumes for publication according to certain editorial guidelines. Periodically published journals are also known as journals. As we all know, when we printing project, the cost will affected by many factors. But the key factors often include below 4 factors. When we well understanding below factors, we will know how to save more cost in printing magazine or other project.

1. Select simple binding way

There have many binding methods for magazine printing. If you want to , you can choose the binding from saddle stitched binding and perfect binding. The production time for these two binding methods is also fast. Sometimes, you maybe want to print the magazines urgently. These 2 binding ways can help to save time and meet your request. To say it simply, the more complex binding is, the printing cost will increase and production time also longer than normal binding.

2. Select thinner paper whenever possible

Clients can choose difference paper for the magazine printing. Such as glossy art paper, matte art paper, white offset paper, cream paper, textured paper, etc. Use thinner paper can print your magazine in cheap price, and can save some shipping fee. For the cheap magazine printing, we often recommend 80-100gsm thin paper, but that always depends on your magazine type. But don’t worry, we will give you the best paper suggestion to help you print a magazine in high quality as well as save more cost.

3. Select simple post-process

Sometimes, we will do special cover finishing as customized, such as foiling, spot uv, embossed, debossed, etc. If you want to save cost, you can choose the glossy lamination or matte lamination. It is enough for the cover protective. Because the more complex post-process is, the price is higher.

4. Bulk quantity printing

Besides, you print more, that means the unit price is cheaper. As our factory use advanced offset machines for printing, the more you order, the price will be cheaper. We suggest that you do more than 500 copies, then can print magazine cheap. Not only printing, we also control the package very well to make sure you can receive the magazines safely and in good conditions. We will have a plastic bag inside the carton, which is moisture proof. Outside, we will pack the magazines with pallets that can avoid the boxes from damage during shipping. If you want to print a magazine in cheap price, you can feel free to . Though our price is cheap, but quality will be very professional.
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