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Cherise Clark- CodaDOCtorate Application

Cherise Clark

Just a quick word!


🗺️ Who I am
Hello! My name is Cherise Clark and I’m a wife and mother in Memphis, TN. I work at a non-profit education center teaching ESL to immigrant students. I’ve got a wonderful husband, two grown adopted daughters, and three little boys who keep me VERY busy! And I LOVE candy- especially jelly beans!

🎢 What I like to do
I don’t have much free time between work and small kids, but we just bought a new house so I’ve been doing home projects- painting, wallpaper, building shelves. My current newest hobby is hunting down old furniture for cheap on Facebook and trying to restore it.

❇️ How I learn
I enjoy hands-on, try it myself learning. I like to read a tutorial, then attempt it myself. I prefer reading to videos (I know, I’m the oddball!) because I can read faster than I can watch! But I enjoy trying new things and accomplishing goals. I like self-directed learning because I can do a little here, a little there, between all the other things I’m doing in life. And I can hit pause when the kids come bounding in the room!

I’m a hard worker and a dedicated learner. When I put my head down to learn something, I’ll keep going until I get it. I might have to ask 100 questions along the way, but I don’t give up. I love learning new things!

🙋 Why I’m here
I was looking for tutorials on formula writing because I know there’s so much power behind these documents! I want to learn how to make Coda do what I want and need without having to phone a friend for help every time. I love the puzzle of trying to write a formula and make docs that are connected to other docs that connect to other docs... but I need to learn more in order to do so. I use Coda for work and I want to make my databases functional, but also something I’m proud of! My husband is a computer science teacher and I have a brother who’s a computer engineer and pilot so they can talk circles around me when it comes to formulas and coding. I rely on their help a lot and I’m grateful for them. But I also know that I CAN do more and I CAN learn this! It’s intimidating, and even applying for this makes me scared because I like I don’t know enough to get accepted, but I want to learn. I want to be able to say I tried and I did it. I hope with a Coda DOC-torate (😂) I can grow in my doc-making and gain some confidence in my abilities!

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