Find Out the Great Alternatives to Lego Home Building Blocks

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are one of the favorite activities of young children. Toddlers can play with mega blocks and Duplo since they are growing older. Interestingly, these Lego blocks are compatible with each other! So, when your child grows older or the collectors of Legos increase, you don’t have to get rid of the older ones.
The latest version of Lego bricks after 2020 enables other brands to build compatible bricks. Take a look at the . This new version of Lego-compatible blocks is not limited to Duplo, Mega blocks, Tyco, Star Diamond, Enlighten, Tandem Bricks, Play Platoon, and Brickyard building blocks.
In this article, you will get the details of alternative home building blocks like Legos. You will also get a great set of recommendations here:
The most popular collection of this brand is the military model. It has a great range of architectural sets. The manufacturer of BlueBrixx is known for packaging. You can directly shop for the items from their official website.
· Recommended age: Six years
· Number of blocks: 1,316 parts
· Compatible with Lego
The iconic blocks are ranges between historical and adventurous vehicles. Apart, from their traditional collections, other vehicles are being introduced in recent years. This brand is popular for its replica of Titanic.
· Recommended age: Three years
· Number of blocks: 600 parts
· Compatible with Lego

This brand is known for its miniature blocks. This Italian company has introduced its Lego alternative as the smallest builder. However, the colors are completely different from Lego. However, the blocks are compatible with the original. Unico Farm is a great choice from all its collections.
· Recommended age: two years
· Number of blocks: 126 parts
· Compatible with Lego
The collection of Fischertechnik is embedded with sophisticated technology building sets. It covers a wide range of age groups from children to young people. The best part is, one model can be continued with another to recreate a chain reaction. However, the building blocks are not compatible with Lego. The specification is mentioned for fishchertechnik 559890 advanced funny reactions.
· Recommended age: eight years
· Number of blocks: 682 parts
· Represents a chain reaction

Mould King
This Chinese remote-control vehicle model is a great alternative to Lego. The building blocks are compatible with the original Denmark collections.
· Recommend age: eight years and above
· Number of blocks: 394 parts
Final Thoughts
Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a child’s room without Lego blocks. Building block allows your child to develop hand-eye coordination and also improves their fine motor skills. In fact, it is one of the most common spatial awareness activities that teach your children the basic sense of math. In addition, it also helps to develop their engineering skills with hands-on learning.
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