Check Out the Top Three Hardest Lego Sets Building Technics

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Have you already mastered the common ? Then, you must be looking for the hardest options to explore. Well, an adventurer like you would definitely love to explore the hardest lego variations. The first thing you would require is to find the number of pieces. The more number the pieces, the harder will be the assumption. In fact, it will require more time to assemble the set and the process would be more difficult than you have ever imagined.
Of course, the difficult models are more costly than . If you are confident enough to try out the harder variations why not try out a larger model?
There are various lego models that will blow your mind and be harder to build. Based on the budget you can opt for any of the following models. The following models are enjoyable and offer premium display and great role-playing opportunities. Let’s have a look!
Tower Bridge 10214
This lego expert model is suitable for 16+ years and the sets depict original architecture from London. In order to build the phenomenal structure you need to assemble the miniature cubes together and spires on top. Moreover, with the skill of execution and you need to attach the pieces serially. Lastly, one should have advanced building development skills to assemble all the pieces.
Firehouse Headquarters 75827
The Lego Ghostbuster firehouse headquarters might look simple with a height of fourteen inches, however, it is harder to assemble. This set is perfect for any sixteen years kid and above. It is a time-consuming process where the walls are opened to stretch the models to eighteenth inches. The hinge ensures the building is incomplete if there is any little gap in the exterior. Any fan of Ghostbusters would love to assemble the pieces. In fact, it also has a detailed room filled with slimmer, zombie drivers and blue ghosts.
Millennium Falcon 75192
It is considered the biggest lego set with an optimum flagship display for the star war series. This incredible piece challenges to assemble 7541 lego pieces which require utmost patience and execution skills. The 32.6-pound model comes with an 8-inch height. In addition, it has a massive length width of 33 inches which makes the challenge even harder.
Final Thought
Above are the top three hardest lego sets, you should not miss out if you are passionate about brick builder lego technic. If you are confident enough to build mid-level lego bricks why not level up your skill? Apart from the three variations, you can also try your hand at roller coaster 10261. However, you can only pass the challenge if you successfully build the previous blocks.
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