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Project Kickoff Template
💡 Idea
What are you creating or changing? Is it a process, tool, or both?
🥅 Goal
What is the intended outcome? What is it solving for? Does it tie to our team values or big rocks?
What’s been done before? Is it related to any ongoing work? Add links to any learnings, retros, or research.
👯 Team
Who are the leaders, supporters, or stakeholders? How will they contribute?
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⛰️ Milestones
What are the key moments in this project and on what date will they be met?
Key moment
Completed by
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📐 Measurement
How will you know if your goal was successful? Start with your why and think about ways to validate that with a measure. Some common indicators: quality, satisfaction, perception, loyalty, traffic, conversion, spread.
🧰 Resources
How much time and effort across the team?
💭 Assumptions
What do we believe to be true? What must be true to be successful?
💬 Strategic Questions
What questions do we need to answer to move forward? Who’s answering and by when?
🎲 Risks
If we meet our project goals, what existing structures or processes might be impacted?
🤝 Working Agreement
How often will the group meet? How often will you give updates or ask for feedback?

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