Shopify eBay Integration: Everything you Need to Know

eBay is an online marketplace that's very popular for the buying and selling of pre-used products. It deals with both B2B and C2C marketplace.
Shopify is a huge ecommerce platform that created online and social media integration. In the year, both companies, eBay and Shopify, partnered together and came forward with the integration that is featured on the Shopify store.
Ever Since the integration of eBay and Shopify, it has become more accessible for the merchants to sell on both the channels. With just a couple of clicks, it gets accessible for online sellers in order to list and sell their products online on Shopify eBay.
Step-by-step Tutorial to Setup the Shopify and eBay Integration:
You will require eBay as a sales channel. You will need to list your products on .
You will then need to link your eBay account to your Shopify.
Further, you will need to set and configure your eBay policies.
You can then select products that you wish to publish as eBay listings.
Then you will have to take charge of your inventory settings.
After taking care of the inventory setting, you will not need to do any further tasks. You will just have to take down the orders and fulfil them.
What are the advantage of Shopify and eBay integration
Enlarge Your Reach
After Amazon, eBay is noted as the second largest marketing giant. Further, with this integration, users will be able to enlarge their reach to a market of 171 million potential shoppers.
Attract People with High Purchase Intent
eBay is a well-trusted and established marketplace. Customers or shoppers are more comfortable buying things here rather than in a marketplace that is relatively new. The integration made it possible for your products to be viewed and chosen by more potential customers or buyers.
Manage Data
The topmost benefit of the integration of Shopify and eBay is that both the buyers and sellers can manage their data in a single place rather than the data and details being scattered and available in too many places. It simplifies the inventory management task as when the channel sells something.
To Conclude
Shopify and eBay integration is a new merchant who wants to start his own online business. After successfully doing a Shopify store, the next best move is to eBay, as it is a reasonable and painless learning journey.
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