How Shopify Amazon Integration is a Boon to your Business

The advancement in technology has changed the system of today's business environment. The cutting-edge integrations, including Shopify Amazon and Shopify Google Shopping Integration, are gaining much familiarity these days. Such integration helps selling your products on multiple sales channels without much difficulty. With these, managing various product listings and files becomes much more accessible.
Things needed for Shopify Amazon Integration
There are some essential things to remember before integrating Shopify with Amazon or . They are -
You should own a Shopify account and an Amazon account first. Visit the Shopify account and provide your email address to start the integration process. Ensure that your products are placed in the correct category.
Amazon offers two kinds of accounts for its sellers. Professional seller account and a personal seller account. Among the two, the first one charges less in comparison to the second option.
The next important step to follow is to make sure that you are subscribed to the Amazon FBA, that is, Fulfillment by Amazon, for the shipping and delivery of your products.
Keep in mind that both the platforms support the same currency. For example, if Amazon supports or deals in dollars, Shopify should also only support the dollar.
Purchase unique UPCs (Universal Product Codes) for all your Products to make the integration smooth. Make sure that your Shopify account's product listings give the real-time values.
The Process to Integrate Shopify with Amazon
The integration of Shopify with Amazon works great. The following steps will help you understand the integration of the two.
Step 1 - Create an Amazon Professional Seller Account
Step 2 - Confirm the category Approval
Step 3 - Integrate your Shopify account into that of Amazon.
Step 4 - Keep Universal Product Codes
Step 5 - Create a listing for your Amazon products
Step 6 - Link existing Amazon products to Shopify
Step 7 - Set the payment options
Step 8 - Start selling your products
Advantages of Shopify Amazon Integration
The easy process of your Shopify Amazon Integration offers the following advantages -
Amazon is a massive online business platform. This site is visited by millions of people every day. This means that your products will get more exposed to people worldwide.
Facilitates the selling of your products on multiple sales channels and assists in expanding your market reach.
You will be able to understand the present trends of the market and potential customer behavior.
Currently, Amazon offers hundreds of products in more than 30 categories. So, you can easily import this wide product range into your Shopify and start selling them.
This article will enrich you with the process of Integration of and Shopify with Google Shopping. The advantages of the said are also stated above.
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