Guidelines - Local Expansion

The local chapters will be lead by city leaders who will oversee the local operations/events/initiatives.
In case of events, each event is to be hosted with an interval of at least 3 weeks after a discussion with the SaaS Insider team and getting it approved.
The type of event can be decided by the local chapter lead jointly with the SaaS Insider team based on what would work best for engaging with the audience.
The toolsets required, such as forms, event hosting platform etc shall be provided by the SaaS Insider team. Under no circumstance shall the city leader use their own tools.
The operations/events/initiatives hosted by the local chapter lead shall not be used to promote any product/company without explicitly discussing with the SaaS Insider team and getting it approved.
Under no circumstances will the operations/events/initiatives shall be used for lead generation activities.
In case a partnership is required for the local operations/events/initiatives, the chapter lead shall explicitly discuss with the SaaS Insider team before initiating the discussion with the third party.
The position of City Leader will be revoked in case you are found to host events that support the agenda of the company you are affiliated with.
If you are an investor, inviting resource person(s) from companies in your portfolio requires explicit approval from the SaaS Insider team.

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