Guidelines - Internal

Slack (Internal)
Over communicate. Necessary since we are all working remote.
Use threads religiously when responding to messages. Makes the communication in the channel relevant and effective.
Use appropriate public channels for all communications. Maintains transparency & accountability, and builds trust.
Tag relevant people wherever possible.

Team members can access all boards. Hence, create tasks exhaustively for effective tracking.
Assign tasks to the relevant member and set deadline for all tasks (do not miss them).

Social Media
Keep track of all SaaS Insider’s posts and engage wherever appropriate
On LinkedIn, be smart about how you engage in posts from your personal handle since it is a professional platform and you carry not only your personal brand, but also your professional image along with you.
If you want to put up a post from the brand’s handle, mention it in the team channel and tag Kirat

For the Social Media team
Restrict tagging people/companies in official posts to a minimum. Do so only when necessary.
Engage from the official handle only we have been tagged. For all other posts, please use your personal handles.
PS: These are only till we come up with a strategy and get a hang of how we engage with posts.

Team Meetings
Turning on your cameras during the meetings is highly appreciated. People get more comfortable talk to you when they can see your face.
Actively participate in meetings as they are not just status update calls, but a way to connect with the team.
Question anything and everything. It will help all us get different perspectives and also helps build a healthy culture.
Moving forward, the team meetings will be short (no more than 20 minutes) for us to share our updates. Any discussion which requires more time/does not require everyone’s involvement can happen at a later time.

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