Guidelines - General

Volunteering will be based on preference and interest. It can be cross-functional, which is to be decided on a case-to-case basis and based on the number of hours a candidate can dedicate to SaaS Insider.
Volunteers will be responsible for doing the groundwork of projects/task allocated and will be working closely with the respective functional heads.
We value consistency and firmly believe that quality trumps quantity in the work we do.

Mandatory tasks for Volunteers
Engagement on Slack thrice a week.
Promote SaaS Insider related news/updates/announcements. (Put up a post, sharing an existing post does little in terms of traction)
Post on LinkedIn about SaaS Insider using original content once a month.
(The above mentioned tasks are in addition to the major projects allocated)
Details Required
Full Name
Email/phone number
Company and position
Social media handles
Interested functions
Number of hours/week
Previous volunteering experience
Why do you want to volunteer?
Expectation from SaaS Insider (for project allotment)

Titles to be used:
Format: Volunteer, <Division you are assigned to>
Eg. Volunteer, Social Media.

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