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Football belongs to everyone. Unfortunately, big money and commerce have been taking over. We are going to reclaim the game by crowd-funding, crowd-managing and crowd-sourcing a professional European football club. ❤️ For the love of the game ❤️.
The big question is always: how? Well, that’s being answered in this doc!
In order to stay on top of everything that is going on within our club we’ve created this document. This document serves as our SSOT (single-source-of-truth) and this is where we gather feedback.
If you are new here, or just want to refresh your knowledge on how we cooperate: and just follow along. Have fun!

Not a member yet? Don’t wait any longer and
If you don’t have a Coda account yet,

The second big question is: how are we doing? Well, just have a look at our numbers!
Total Budget:

€ 11.931,75 ​(+0,25%)

No. of Members:


Monthly Income:

€ 384,-

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We're giving football back to the fans by taking a leap into the future!

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