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Information Architecture

Information architecture (IA) is a science of organizing and structuring content of the websites.
The below information will give a detailed overview of the approach we aim to implement in redesigning St Helena Sandveld Hospice’s website.

Pages being removed:

No content and requires upkeep.
Almost no content, is outdated and requires upkeep.
Almost no content, is outdated and there is no need for a gallery.
Events and funding
Almost no content, is outdated and requires upkeep on event side. Funding side is moved to “donate” page.
Confirm whether the Events page would be something still needed or if a different format such as Facebook will be used.
Almost no content, doesn’t make sense to use.
High School community service
Will be combined with volunteer page.

New page structure

The new structure will be much cleaner and better flow for navigation as well as clearly dividing content for different target markets. Namely, those that need support and those that want to support.

Overview of Pages:

How can we help
Patient care
Adult support groups
OVC support groups
Support us
Charity shop information
About us
Contact us

Page structure 2
Page grouping
Pages within grouping
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Hero - section ​Quality in life, dignity in death
Everyone deserves the right to care and support, quality in life and dignity in death in the comfort of their own homes with their loved ones. Our mission is to provide quality home-based palliative care to those referred by medical practitioners and living in our service area, irrespective of their ability to pay.
“Donate” (Linking to donate page)
“become a patient” (Linking to “becoming a patient” section on patient care page)
Patient care- section
Patient care
What do we do?
St Helena Sandveld Hospice provides Palliative Care to persons suffering from illnesses no longer responding to curative treatment, in their homes. It is all about, improving quality of life, symptom control and care and support to the patient and his/her family.

Our main services:
Home based palliative care
Bereavement support
Mobility and comfort aids hire/donation
Psychosocial support
“Learn more” (Linking to patient care page)
“Become a patient” (Linking to “becoming a patient” section on patient care page)

Support us - section
We are a non-profit company and thus rely on funding and support to keep caring for our patients.
You can make a difference by supporting us in the following ways.
“Learn more” (Linking to donate page)
Charity shop
“Learn more” (Linking to charity shop information page)
“Learn more” (Linking to volunteer page)
BackaBuddy Campion (If BackaBuddy champion: option 2 is chosen)
“Learn more” (Linking to BackaBuddy champion page)

Support groups section has been removed

Partners - section
(Need to receive list from client, source logos and write content)
Short description
Carousel of partner logosRegistration highlight - section
Short description and registration number for:
Registered medical practice
Registered non-profit
Testimonial - section(Need to receive testimonials from client)Carousel of testimonials
Feature funders - section ​(Need to receive list from client, source logos and write content)
Short description
Carousel of featured funders logos
How can we help
Patient care
Hero - section ​Patient Care
Adapted for the Palliative Care setting from the Constitution of SA, Act No 108 of 1996.
St Helena Sandveld Hospice provides Palliative Care to persons suffering from illnesses no longer responding to curative treatment, in their homes. It is all about, improving quality of life, symptom control and care and support to the patient and his/her family.
“Donate” (Linking to donate page)
“become a patient” (Linking to “becoming a patient” section on patient care page)
Main services - section
Our main services: (Add description for each service, need information from client. Depending on the amount will either all be in the same section each their own section)
Home based palliative care
Day hospice has been removed
Bereavement support
Mobility and comfort aids
Psychosocial support
Becoming a patient- section
Becoming a patient
Ask your doctor to complete our referral form available from our offices or by downloading the PDF here. The patient or his/her family will have to sign consent and indemnity for Hospice Care and medical aid claims authority. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff are ready to assist you.
“Download form” (Linking to patient form PDF for view or download)
Frequently asked questions- section
Frequently asked questions
What is Palliative Care?
The active, total care of patients and their families by a multi-professional team when the patient’s disease is no longer responsive to curative treatment. (World Health Organisation, 1990)
Where do we provide our services?
Our area of operation is the Saldanha Bay Municipal District covering Hopefield, Langebaan, Saldanha, Vredenburg, Paternoster and St Helena Bay.
What does it cost?
Our service is free to all government/state patients, we are however registered practice and can claim against medical aids. Should the medical aid not pay for the service, the patient of family will not be responsible to pay. We will not turn anyone away and this home based palliative care service is sponsored by donations from our community.
How do I become a Hospice patient?
Ask your doctor to complete our referral form available from our offices.
Client information- section As a client, you have the right to:
Fair access to health care (equitable).
Confidentiality and privacy.
Have access to your records.
Know the name, telephone number and working hours of your health care provider.
Participate in decision-making that affects your health.
Full information before giving consent for tests.
Exercise informed choice in health care.
Continued quality care-24 hour on call phone number 082 885 9889.
Be referred for a second opinion.
Refuse treatment, except where this will seriously threaten the health of others.
A healthy and safe environment.
Being respected irrespective of colour, age, gender or culture
Receive health care in a language that is understandable.
As a client, you have the responsibility to:
Take care of your life and live a healthy lifestyle.
Provide health care workers with relevant and accurate information for your health care.
Comply with the prescribed treatment and / or rehabilitation procedures.
Respect the rights of other patients and health providers.
Utilize the health system optimally without abusing the health services or staff.
Take care of your own health records.
Get to know your Local Health Services and what they offer.
Arrange for payment for health care, if applicable.
Advise health care providers of your wishes with regard to death.
Care for and protect the environment.
Adult support groups
Hero - section ​Adult support groups
We offer regular support groups for adults infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, including support to caregivers in dealing with the physical, spiritual and psychological impact of illness.
“Donate” (Linking to donate page)
Event highlight - section (with slideshow)Motivational talk Womens Day
Our General Manager did a motivational talk for 130 women in Laingville on Womens Day.
Mandela Day food parcels
Staff from PPC Cement visited Day Hospice patients as part of their 67 minutes on Mandela Day and presented the patients with food parcels.

OVC support groups
Hero - section OVC support groups
(Vredenburg and Laingville)
We believe in early intervention as a way to deal with HIV/AIDS and offer prevention programs on child sexual abuse and life skills to high risk groups.
“Donate” (Linking to donate page)
Weekly support group - section (with slideshow)
Weekly support group - Laingville
In partnership with the Department of Social Development we run psychosocial support groups for vulnerable children in Laingville once a week. Always a lot of excitement on a Wednesday morning as the team prepares for their session, assisted by Pikkie the exotic but unruly pink-green snake.
Our facilitators are Sandra Erasmus. Nondumiso Zakhe and Isabel de Villiers with Monica Fölscher as project manager. We focus on prevention of child sexual abuse, using a prevention program with age appropriate and non threatening content. Lots of repetition helps with enforcing the message to this group of 30 pre-schoolers.
All sessions are ended with a chaotic group hug collapsing in a jumble of children and facilitators, followed by Pikkie giving a “piksoen” to every child.
Stand alone image 1 captionChildren from Pikanini crèche meet “Pikkie” from Japan, who was there to tell them about sexual abuse. ​Stand alone image 2 caption A group of boys from a primary school were taught basic karate skills, as part of their life skills programme.
Community page option Will combine content from “Adult support groups” and “OVC support groups”
Support us
Hero - section
The Hospice is funded by donations and grants from the community, individuals, corporations, international funders and the 3 Hospice shops.
“Charity shop” (Linking to charity shop information page)
“Volunteer” (Linking to volunteer page)

Donation methods - sectionDonation methods
We have many donation methods to make it easier for you to donate how you prefer. Your donation will make all the difference, thank you for supporting us and our patients.
“Direct card donations” (Linking to card donation section)
“Recurring donations” (Linking to card donation section)
“EFT and SWIFT” (Linking to EFT and SWIFT section)
“BackaBuddy” (Linking to BackaBuddy section)
“GivenGain” (Linking to GivenGain section)
“SnapScan” (Linking to SnapScan section)
“MySchool card” (Linking to MySchool section)

Card donations - section
Once off and recurring card donations
You can make safe and secure card payments through our payfast account or set up a recurring debit order through our netcash account.
“Once off donation” (Linking to Payfast website if “Payfast: option 1” is chosen)
“Recurring donations” (Linking to Netcash debit order PDF for view and download if “Netcash: option 1” is chosen)
On page widget allowing users to select amount, if it is recurring or not and pay direct from the website. (If “Netcash: option 2” or “Payfast: option 2” is chosen.)

EFT and SWIFT - section
EFT and SWIFT donations
You can make a direct EFT or SWIFT payment using our banking details below. Use the reference "SHSH Donation". (Need to be confirmed what the reference should be.)
Bank details:
Bank: Standard Bank of SA Ltd
Branch: Vredenburg
Branch Code: 050-511
Account: 186295073
Account Type: Transmission
Swift Code: SBZA ZA JJ

SnapScan - section
SnapScan is a contactless mobile payment solution that makes it easy and safe to pay and receive payments. No need for cards, cash, or time-consuming EFTs – just simple payments in a snap!
You can download the SnapScan app and scan the QR code to donate.
“Apple” (Linking to SnapScan app on Apple app store)
“Google play” (Linking to SnapScan app on Google play store)
“HUAWEI” (Linking to SnapScan app on HUAWEI app store)

BackaBuddy - section
Care car 4 hospice fundraiser
Our Nurse’s care cars are in urgent need of replacement – Your donation will make all the difference! Your donation will help urgently replace a nurse’s care car.
You can find more information and donate directly on our BackaBuddy fundraiser page.
“Donate” (Linking to care car 4 hospice fundraiser BackaBuddy campaign page)
“BackaBuddy champion” (Linking to information on how to create a BackaBuddy champion page on BackaBuddy website. If BackaBuddy champion: option 1 is chosen)
“BackaBuddy champion” (Linking to BackaBuddy champion page. If BackaBuddy champion: option 2 is chosen)

GivenGain - section
GivenGain enables non-profits to boost their fundraising income with tools that empower their supporters to fundraise on their behalf.
You can donate directly on our GivenGain page.
“Donate” (Linking to care car 4 hospice fundraiser GivenGain campaign page. For both GivenGain option 1 and 2)

MySchool - section ​Give back every time you shop
There's a wide range of partner stores where you can shop, swipe your card, and give back, without it costing you a cent!
How does it work?
Get a card for free.
Select us as a beneficiary.
Present your MySchool card when you make purchases at any of the partner networks.
The partner commits to donating a percentage of the purchase, and you don't pay any additional.
How do I get a card?
Downloading the free app.
Applying online.
Calling Client Services on 0860 100 445.
Visiting a Woolworths store.
“Get card” (Linking to card signup page on MySchool website)
“Where can I shop” (Linking to partner information page on MySchool website)
Hero - section ​Volunteer
Volunteers are a valuable resource at St Helena Sandveld Hospice and contribute to all areas of the hospice services.
“Donate” (Linking to donate page)
Why we need volunteers - sectionWhy does hospice need volunteers?
St Helena Sandveld Hospice and all hospices nationally operate independently of the state health system. Hospices have to raise their own funds to maintain the support and care for patients and families affected by life threatening and terminal illnesses.
Hospice volunteers have historically been a very vital and integral part of the hospice community. Without this valuable resource, hospices could not achieve all that they do.
Today accountability, standards and cost effectiveness are more important than ever as hospices strive to meet the many regulatory requirements in an increasingly difficult financial climate.

Volunteer information - section
What is expected of volunteers?
Set their own level of commitment, based on the time they have available.
Attend an orientation session and ongoing training.
Function as members of the inter disciplinary hospice team.
Follow original policies and procedures.
Acknowledge the need for support and participate in appropriate meetings.
Adhere to a signed job description.
What can volunteers expect from hospice?
Go through a process of selection.
Be orientated and receive ongoing training.
Be respected and recognized as members of the inter-disciplinary hospice team.
Receive regular communication on what is happening in the hospice.
Receive ongoing support and assistance from the volunteer coordinator and team members.
Be requested to sign and adhere to the job description.

How to become a volunteer - section
How to become a volunteer?
Please contact Hospice Administration on 022 7133738 for a volunteer application form.
On receipt of the form you will receive information on the selection process and be advised on training. The patients and families we serve are in the midst of a difficult time in their lives, our selection of volunteers is a thorough and thoughtful process. Remember without volunteers hospice cannot continue to provide the quality compassionate care which is demanded at this difficult time of life.
Hospice needs your talents, time and support. Please complete the information form and send it to us!
“Download form” (Linking to volunteer form PDF for view and download if “volunteer signup: option 1” is chosen)
On page form that people can fill in and submit to become a volunteer. If “volunteer signup: option 2” is chosen.

Frequently asked questions - section
Frequently asked questions
What is a volunteer?
A volunteer is a member of the community who brings skills, abilities, wit, wisdom, energy and mostly time to support us in sharing the care.
Why become volunteer?
People involve themselves in volunteering for many different reasons. It is an opportunity to give back to life what was given to you and to enrich your own life by enriching the lives of others. Volunteer time is very precious both to the volunteer and to the hospice.
Who can become a volunteer?
Hospice volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and ages.
Where can you help as a volunteer?
Hospice needs volunteers in the following areas:
PATIENT CARE; Volunteer duties can be in the Patient Care Department by supporting patients and their families in their own homes.
FUNDRAISING; Volunteers can assist by identifying opportunities for fundraising or by helping with fundraising events. The making and selling of cards is also a very important project. Baking for the Fête is another way to contribute.
HOSPICE SHOPS; The help of volunteers in the Langebaan, Saldanha and Vredenburg shops is always welcome.
ADMINISTRATION; Office assistance, filing and many other administrative activities could be done with the help of volunteers.
BOARD / GOVERNING BODY; This committee consists of members of the community who are elected at the Annual General Meeting. People with business acumen, managerial and networking skills are always needed.
High school learners community service - section ​High school learners community service
Gr 12 learners of local high schools enjoy doing community work at our hospice, from visiting patients to washing cars! Recognized as part of the Life Skills curriculum achievement.
Contact us if you are a learner or high school that would like to get involved.
Charity shop information
Hero - section ​Charity shop information
We have three charity shops available. Where you can make purchases to help fund us or donate previously valued items.
“Donate” (Linking to donate page)

Charity shop information - section ​(With google maps for each location)Langebaan
082 822 5810
Monday - Friday: 10:30AM to 4:30PM
Saturday: 10:00AM to 1:00PM
Sunday: Closed
Next to OK Minimark - Antonio Sieni St, Langebaan, 7357
079 354 3034
Monday - Friday: 8:30AM to 3:30PM
Saturday: 8:30AM to 12:00PM
Sunday: Closed
Shop 2, Baspro, 73 Saldanha Rd, Cape Town, 7395
084 594 4178
Monday - Friday: 9:30AM to 3:30PM
Saturday: 10:00AM to 1:00PM
Sunday: Closed
Next to Signage/GasDome - 10 Plein St, Vredenburg, 7380

What can I donate? - section ​What can I donate? (We need to create this content. This is an example of another hospice)
We accept a wide range of donations. However, all donations must be saleable, clean and complete.
Disclaimer: The acceptance of donations is at the discretion of the shop manager, and we reserve the right to refuse donations for any of the following reasons:
The shop has reached its storage capacity
The donation poses a safety hazard to staff
The donation includes items from our exclusion list
The donation does not fulfil our acceptance criteria of being saleable, clean and complete
We thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Donate do and don’t list - section ​Unfortunately, we cannot accept the following items: (We need to create this content. This is an example of another hospice)
Broken items
Computer hard drives
Coat hangers
Cot Beds
Child car seats
Crash helmets
Cosmetics & scents
CRT computer monitor screens
Duvets & pillows
Incomplete items
Medications & vitamins
Oil, gas & fuel filled items
Paints, solvents & adhesives
Perishable goods
Personal hygiene items
Plastic food containers
Printers, inks & toners
Smoking products
Used window blinds
Used underwear
VHS videos & players
The following is the best to donate: (We need to create a list)
BackaBuddy Champion
Page describing: How to become a Hospice BackaBuddy Champion, why you would want to do it and possibly media pack with branding users can use. If BackaBuddy champion: option 2 is chosen.
About us
Contact and info
Hero - section ​Contact and info
Below are all the ways you can contact us. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our friendly staff are ready to assist you.
“Donate” (Linking to donate page)

Contact and company information - section ​General enquiries
Tel: ++27 (0)22 7133738
Fax: ++27 (0)22 7191285
Chairperson of Board: Peter Devey
Patient Care Manager: Jill Snyman
Office: 2 Loubser Street, Vredenburg PO Box 308, Vredenburg, 7380 (With google map)
Charity shops
Vredenburg: ++27 (0)82 380 4278
Saldanha: ++27 (0)82 729 8138
Langebaan: ++27 (0)82 822 5810
Company information
Reg: 2004/002110/08
NPO: 039-053
PBO: 93009262
Medical Practise Number: PR0730750
Header and Footer
Donate call to action
“Donate” (Linking to donate page)

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Patient care
Adult support groups (Will be removed if community page option is chosen)
OVC support groups (Will be removed if community page option is chosen)
Support us
Charity shop information
BackaBuddy champion (If BackaBuddy champion: option 2 is chosen)
About us
Contact and info
Community (If community page option is chosen)
Mailchimp signup section ​Subscribe to our newsletter
Email (with form field)
“Submit” (Sending the email address to database)
Logo ​Lower footer - section ​Our patients depend on your help
We are a non-profit company and thus rely on funding to keep caring for our patients, even a small donation can make all the difference.
“Donate” (Linking to donate page)

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