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Contest Agenda
Agenda 1. (10-12 mins) Teams Announce Team Names with their cute lil story about how they made the name 2. (6 minutes) Chatterfall a. Share all the problems you see in the world b. Read someone else's answer. Choose one answer from someone else, and share why you identify with it, or what about it makes you curious c. What's something you've wondered about a different culture or part of the world? 3. Speed Rooms - "Take the question you just wrote, bring it into the room with the random person." 2 students are in a room, they combine their 2 question. 4. (30 minutes) Teams sent off to establish the one question to ask the world. Students have 30 minutes to send the question out to ALL their people, and keep all 5. (15 minutes) Debriefing a. What was hard about making the decision to come together b. What are some of the interesting responses you received? c. What new persepctive have you gained after speaking to someone from a different culture Ask everyone to actively listen to the answers and jot down anything surprising, inspiring, cool... ask everyone to send me privately a message on discord saying which team should win and why (can't vote themselves) Students will be grading one another. Categories to Grade: Ability to combine ideas Ability to extract genuine answers out of people Sheer number of responses Script:
Contest Instruction Message (After they leave the zoom session with you)
😘 *Your contest Instructions*: What is a question you’ve always wanted to ask the world? As a team, decide on one question that you think would go viral, a thought-provoking question that will get people thinking. The kind of question that will push humanity forward, and generate an insane variety of answers. (space after this line) Once your team has decided on THE BEST QUESTION… Post and Ask the question to as many people as you can within the hour. You may post the question onto your various social media accounts. Tag schooloffuture_in You can ask friends, family and teachers individually. You can preface your question with "Hi, I am competing in a live contest with SOF, and your opinion could help my team and I get close to solving a global problem” Bring us back all your responses (in this group chat), via screen shots. Deadline- 30 minutes. Add up your number of responses. Once your team has chosen the question you're asking, and put it into the group chat, so we know what's up Take some of the most profound responses, and put them into a word cloud, using a tool like this! Your first contest flexes your abilities in the following categories, and your team will be judges accordingly: Collaborative Producers: Ability to combine all ideas Depth: Ability to get people to think inside themselves You will be judged on 3 components: 1. The team with the *most number of responses* 2. The team with the *most thorough and thoughtful answers* 3. The team who *combined their ideas the best*
1 hour before times up
We stop at 9:30pm IST sharp 😋 > Add up your number of responses and inform me of the total number. > However, you will win 😎 > The team with the MOST answers will win!
Message Part 1
Teams should get a score out of 10 in the following categories: Collaborative Producers: Ability to combine all ideas Depth: Ability to get people to think inside themselves Quantity: Number of Responses
Message Part 2
Every team should see what every other team asked the world, and the top questions
Message Part 3
🔥🔥🔥 Teams, we are pretty stunned and impressed with your hustle. Your questions and the responses of your peeps have sparked some healthy thought in the world Just think about the amount of people you involved in just an hour! 🎉🎉 “The easiest way people give up power is by thinking they have none.”❤️ We’re posting the winner on our Instagram within the hour. Keep spreading your mind. 😀😎🌱
Winner Announcement
Dear Teams of 15.1 I loved so many thoughts and questions and team collaboration from today. It was truly a treat to get to know some of your more, and foresee so much more than will come in your next 13 weeks. THE FIRST WINNER of your FIRST CONTEST is: Team 2. @persefoni Ioannidou#8156 @Lauramp#9806 @Dimpho#1045 @chongcc917#7705 They truly combined forces, and developed a question that incorporated everyone's ideas. Their question rendered insanely interested thought, leaving them with a wide range of answers. And the quantity of answers was the highest among the group. CONGRATS TEAM 2
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