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Revenue Forecasting

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Revenue forecasting is pivotal for any business, providing insights into future financial health and aiding in critical decision-making. This template simplifies the forecasting process, ensuring that you have a clear picture of your expected income, considering both your recurring revenue and potential deals in your pipeline.


Begin by filling in your base revenue - the income you expect regardless of new deals.
Add potential deals and their estimated closing probabilities.
Review and update your forecasts monthly, adjusting for actual sales and revising predictions as necessary.
Use the insights from this forecast to make informed decisions about hiring, investing, and business expansion.

Monthly Base Revenue Table:
Expected Recurring Revenue
There are no rows in this table
Note: Base revenue is your guaranteed or highly predictable income, like subscriptions or retainers.

Sales Forecast Table:

Table 3
Lead/Deal Name
Estimated Close Month
Potential Revenue
Probability (%)
Forecasted Revenue
There are no rows in this table
Note: Forecasted Revenue = Potential Revenue x Probability (as a decimal, e.g., 50% = 0.50).

Monthly Revenue Forecast:

Table 4
Base Revenue
Forecasted Sales Revenue
Total Expected Revenue
There are no rows in this table
Note: Total Expected Revenue = Base Revenue + Forecasted Sales Revenue for that month.

Tips for Effective Forecasting:

Be Conservative: It's better to underestimate and over perform.
Regularly Update Probabilities: Adjust probabilities as deals progress or circumstances change.
Analyze Past Performance: Historical data can be a reliable predictor of future outcomes. Look for patterns and adjust accordingly.
Collaborate with Sales Team: They have direct insights into the deals and can provide the most accurate predictions.

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