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US&C Greenlight Loaner Laptop SOP
US&C Greenlight Loaner Laptop Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

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Prepping Your Loaner Laptop for Use

If a Greenlight team is planning on using a loaner laptop it will need to be provisioned for its intended user. At the conclusion of its use, the equipment will then need to be wiped clean in preparation for its next use.
Below you will find instructions on how to enroll a device and how to reset it. You can also refer to the on UberHub.
How to Erase, Restore, and Re-Enroll a Loaner Laptop | MacBook Pro

How to erase a Loaner Laptop | MacBook Pro
Power Off the laptop.
Power on and hold the "Command", "Option" and "R" keys simultaneously (Internet Recovery) until you see the Spinning Globe Icon and the progress bar for the startup sequence.
Select and double click Disk Utility
Select the instance of the Hard Drive listed under "Internal" and after you click the drop-down for the APPLE SSD name. The Hard drive should be named something like "Macintosh HD"
Click the "Erase" button and when the dialogue drops down click the "Erase" button again.
Click the "Done" button
Quit Disk Utility
From the upper right select and join a wireless network if you are not connected via wired ethernet.
Select Reinstall macOS when the menu appears.
Click "Continue" twice
Click "Agree" twice
Select the Hard drive and click "Install"
IMPORTANT: The loaner will be assigned to the last person who used it. In order to get it re-assigned as “Loaner”, a ticket will have to be submitted using , or email, .
How to provision a Loaner Laptop for use | MacBook Pro
Follow the setup prompts until you get to the “Remote Management” page
Click on continue, it will redirect to the OneLogin page. Enter user’s Uber email address (
Enter your OneLogin password
After logging in with a username and password, users can enter their Duo Code on the authentication prompt
Users will need to find the code using the Duo Mobile app
On successful DUO authentication, again it will go to the “Remote Management” page.
Click ‘Continue’ and full name and account will be automatically populated.
Verify the same password (Computer Account/ Mac Account)
The Mac will then be automatically configured.
The rest of Setup Assistant will be automatically configured and the MacBook will be automatically bootstrapped into management. There is no need to download uProvision anymore!

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