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US&C Greenlight Loaner Laptop SOP

US&C Greenlight Loaner Laptop Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Everything you need to know about your loaner laptops
US&C Greenlight Loaner Laptop Overview
The BOS team partnered up with Supply Chain to deploy 2-3 loaner laptops to each US&C Greenlight location. The intended purpose of this loaner equipment is to have on hand for any of the following scenarios:
If there are delays with new hire equipment delivery (NOTE: Loaner laptops are NOT for new hires to keep but rather to use until the equipment assigned to them arrives.
If any current employee is experiencing issues and is awaiting equipment replacement. Equipment replacement typically takes 3-5 days once approved.
For any other short-term special circumstances (events, special projects, etc).

To view loaner laptop quantities per site, check out the "Loaner Breakdown" tab on the .
IMPORTANT: Loaner equipment should not be assigned to any single user for more than 3-5 business days. This equipment is marked in the IT system as a loaner and must remain a loaner device. If a device is needed for an employee for longer than 3-5 business days, please reach out to IT using , or email ().

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