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Speaking opportunities at Plato
Speaking opportunities at Plato

Participating in a live Q&A

Online webinars with 100+ attendees
What is a Live Q&A?
A Live Q&A is an online webinar of one hour, to discuss a leadership topic with a speaker or a panel of speaker, along with a moderator.
Depending on the topic you choose, the group is either engineering managers, individual contributors (engineers), or product managers.
What is the format?
Most Live Q&As run for one hour, usually on Wednesdays at 10AM PST
It is either a single speaker with a moderator, or few speakers (up to 3) with a moderator
We host our events on : Welcome is a virtual event platform that enables us to create high-quality events.
Why participate in a Live Q&A?
Live Q&As gather large audiences (100+ attendees) and are a great way to scale your impact and become known to our community
What are some suggested topics?
Here’s an of what a Live Q&A webpage looks like
On , you can find all upcoming Live Q&As, and view recordings of past editions
Here are example topics (full list of suggested topics are
For engineering managers: “How vulnerability can strengthen engineering leaders”
For engineers: “The path to being a principal engineer”
For product managers: “How PMs can set a product vision and execute it”
Who finds the attendees?
Plato is happy to do the heavy lifting of finding attendees, but we’d appreciate it if you could share the registration page on your LinkedIn and/or Twitter to help promote it.
We broadcast our events to our community of mentees, mentors and readers, and share them on social media. Read more about the promotion of our events
What are the next steps?
Contact Cappy ( to set up your Live Q&A, and feel free to ask her any questions you have.
She’ll ask you for a date ー ideally we like to host our Webinars on Wednesdays at 10AM PST.
Let her know if you have a specific topic in mind, otherwise she’s happy to send you a list of topics to choose from.
What are examples of past editions?
by Maria Loughlin (VP of Engineering at Toast) and Philip Braden (Co-founder at Jellyfish)
Attendance: 320 attendees
Description: Register for this Live Q&A featuring Toast's VP of Engineering, Maria Loughlin (hosted by Jellyfish's Co-founder, Philip Braden). Maria will be answering your questions and discussing topics like:
What are the best metrics to track engineering efficiency and productivity?
How do you measure engineer sentiment and morale?
How do you increase engineering speed while maintaining quality and employee happiness?


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