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Welcome to Cantopia!

Designed for both academic courses and real-world training sessions, Cantopia is a powerful new teaching tool in sales education. Students make decisions on a wide range of sales management issues with their team of account managers that sell a healthcare product in Cantopia.
In the world of Cantopia, each firm interacts with and competes against three other firms operating in the same market at the same time. This zero-sum game condition creates opportunities for firms to take away market share and/or steal away the top sales talent from the three other firms in the industry. The result is an especially engaging and fun environment that teaches students the far-reaching and complex effects of the various decisions associated with managing a sales force.

The Cantopia simulation creates a user-friendly interface to enter the following decisions:
How much should we pay our account managers?
What mix of base salary and commission should we use?
What types of benefits should we offer?
Who and how many people should we hire and/or fire?
What sales territory should we assign to each of our account managers?
What should we emphasize in our training program?
In our role as a sales manager, how should we spend our time?
What leadership style should we use with each account manager?
What market research reports should we buy?
Once the decisions are submitted, the instructor hits a button to compile the results. The website applies a full CRM application to generate a number of in-depth metrics for evaluation and analysis. Most instructors choose to play the game for 6 to 8 decisions.
The goal is to maximize profit. At the end of the final decision, the firm with the most earnings-to-date wins the game!
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