Ember Development and Digital Solutions

Ember’s Wood Fired Tubs have 3 Main Branches of Business they cater towards including:
Short Term Rentals
Long Term Rentals
My hope is that, I can provide product driven content for your marketing, website, and launch your social media presence.
Musical Genres, Video Clips, and Photos will be pinned below for a Brief
Stylistic Composition Choices Below
sort of color or stylistic choices reflected in the photography campaign will be ported over to video, when we begin a more cinematographic based marketing campaign.
bye bye oscar-4315.jpg
My Goal
with Ember Hot tubs is to provide a cinematic experience. Not only focusing on high quality videos of the products, but the experiences that customers can have with them.
Tay and Danny-2335.jpg
By pivoting our editing style off of a musical track and creating presets for photography and cinematography . We can focus on creating a more story driven advertising campaign.
An Example on musical based cutting.
The story of a clip will be intended to target the market demographic associated with a product, and with narrative photography and cinematography we can expect peak commercial performance for 20 mega pixel 4k output.
HDR Styles
In this music video we can see the new school high definition with color grading applied, it looks snappy, refreshing, and robust. This is the quality we will want to work towards.

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