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App v6.7.0
We won't bore you with any (uni)corny puns, so we'll just say that we love our RTR community and are working hard to give you the best.
In this release: performance improvements and security enhancements, plus a new and improved checkout flow.
Performance improvements
Better security
Action item: come up with better puns.
App v6.6.1
We update the app regularly to make your RTR experience even better.
In this release: general stability improvements and fix for a bug that prevented some users from seeing the most up-to-date store info.
Multi-lingual support
Action item: hire a Francophile.
App v6.6.0
We're always looking for ways to make the app - and your "closet in the cloud" - better.
In this release: general performance improvements and some tweaks to the dropbox finder.
Launched a new experiment
Fixed some bugs
Quick adoption of the this version.
App v6.5.1
Now your mini-me's can be their own RTR fashionistas! Download the latest version to check out RTR Kids.
In this release: fix for a bug that prevented some users from seeing our new Kids clothes.
Fixed styling on buttons
Sped up load times
Great cross-functional communication!
App v6.5.0
We update the RTR app regularly to make sure our users are getting the best possible experience. Download this version to get the latest and greatest. Happy renting!
In this release: fix for a notifications bug and other performance improvements.
Fixed caching issue
Supports local timezones
Kept the bugs at bay.
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