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Metaverse Fashion Week: DCL Insider

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Metaverse Fashion Week: DCL Insider

By: GoldGuy
The Metaverse is here to stay. It has been a few weeks since fashion week came and went from . There were a lot of mixed reviews and plenty of brands that were forgotten due to the lack of community engagement.
The Metaverse is 100% community-driven, and some, not all brands, came into the Metaverse and managed to interact with the community. Others just came in and did the fashion show to launch their wearables and host their events.
The wearables the fashion week brands dropped featured really cool designs. However, texture quality was poor, and the design is primarily female avatar focused. Some large brands underpriced their wearables, and other unknown brands overpriced them. But, we can expect them to stay on the market for a long time due to pricing and minting categories. Many local community designers still managed to sell while the well-known designer coming into DCL were there for days. There is a way to produce an excellent design and get the texture to match the design. It takes experience to achieve the desired style and look in DCL.
The DCL community got to see high-end buildings from the fashion community, and we all got to attend some extraordinary events. But, it is worth noting that the lack of communication about when the events will be held, their timings, and who would be hosting were missed within the DCL community. The smart wearable glasses did help us all find where the venues were.
The Fashion weekly did give DCL a slight boost in attendance for the week after the show. The overall engagement dropped to average numbers. Compared to November, it wasn't necessarily the boost that the DCL community had expected.
The fact is that the Metaverse is only emerging, and fashion brands are coming to learn more about it. This means that things will only continue to improve as the infrastructure develops. There is a lot that we expect. However, it will take some time as there is a long way to go. Many lessons were learned during the fashion show. The drop in attendance proves a need to focus on marketing the events better within the community so that more people stay in the know. Overall, the experience could have been better.
Fortunately, some brands managed to get some things right other failed on design and pricing. It shows that it is only a matter of time until we see the desired results. The Metaverse is an entirely new ball game. With some testing, brands can find out what works and what doesn't. The future seems bright. When the next fashion show is held, it is expected that engagement will be a lot better. It would help improve the experience altogether.


With more than 70 big names, including Elie Sab, Etro, Tommy Hilfiger, and Dolce & Gahanna showcasing their works at the fashion week on the Metaverse, the future of eCommerce will continue to spread on the platform. From retail experiences to gallery presentations and runway shows, the intersection between art and technology has never been more robust.
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