Bushra's User Manuel

🦋 Welcome! Read closely and carefully because every day I figure it out just like you!
About Bushra 🦋 :
I come from a family of women. My mom is a single mom!
First generation graduate from George Mason University
Majored in Biology
Volunteered in various different developing countries such as the Dominican Republic and Pakistan
My fiancé is a dentist from Pakistan and I am getting married in December!
Lastly, every day is a crazy day in the Ayyub household so nothing intimidates me.
📞 Contacting me:
Slack- It’s easy to keep up with everyone and to check my phone!
Phone- My phone number is 540-335-9132
⌛ Availability:
I am flexible with my schedule and open to working with everyone about when I am needed!
I like to start my day early!
However, I like to clock out mentally by 5:00.
💪 Strengths:
Responsibility: When I was seventeen my parents separated and at a young age I became responsible for myself and my family. This carried over to my work and school ethic and became a part of my personality.
Attentive: Working in dental care and volunteering I became hyper attentive whilst listening to the doctors! Therefore, I could hear anything needed from me a mile away.
Hardcore: Since I have always managed everything alone it has made me strong as steel towards anything that comes my way. I could tackle any problem that comes my way.
☂️ Weaknesses:
Sensitive: I can be oversensitive about the people I care about and the work that I do.
Zoning Out: Sometimes I zone out when I get very tired and everything comes in one ear and out the other.
Technology: I have a hard time checking my email and keeping up with all of the different applications used. So, that’s why I always prefer anything through my phone.

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