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Stay Home Workout Tracker

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Hello Coda-munity!
I hope you are all doing well and staying safe.
This is my first doc with coda and it is really an amalgam of a lot of formulas and ideas that I had found in threads on the community boards. If you have any suggestions to beautify the code, I would love to hear them!
If there are any questions, I am happy to answer as well.


To start a set please push
Start Set
, This will start the set timer that will be saved in the table.
When you have finished your last rep, please push the button again to stop the timer. This will also start your rest timer.
Enter the number of reps, weight, RPE, RIR, and any notes you wish to record in the row that has been created.
Once the rest timer is up, push
Start Set
again to start your next set.
If you are finished with the exercise, or have a false start, push
Reset Timer
to reset the current set or rest timer.

I hope this helps people stay in shape, please feel free to message me any comments, concerns, or questions.
Thank you!
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