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B Trading

I made this page to encapsulate my entire trading strategy, thoughts, and publish all of my trades. THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE. REAL TRADES BY BRUCE BRADBURY.

By the numbers:

*Since Inception Date: 09-28-23
Current Initial Investment Gain / Loss


Current Trading Account


S&P 500 Equivalent Gain / Loss


Total $$$ cashed out


Out of the
cash I initially invested into my trading fund in 9/28/2023, I’ve traded
times in
162 days
Current Net Profit & Loss
, or
on the original investment
Current Trading Account
, or
on the original investment
Total Cash Outs (Bruce’s Income)
, or
% on the original investment
If the cash was deployed into the S&P 500 ($SPY) instead, I would have
shares of $SPY at a current value of
representing a gain/loss of
, or
% on the original investment
On September 27, 2023 $SPY closed at
a share and is currently valued at

out of 100% of the way to our 5 year goal
**Note: This page contains the DAY TRADING portion of my investing. To view the actively managed fund allocations and results since inception, click on that page.

My Strategy:

Every Single Trade:

\Notes on How I Document Trades Here:

I record manual entries and attach Tradezella screenshots to explain in the pictures column. All metrics are tracked mostly on Tradezella and then I manually port them over to this Coda site
Sometimes I’ve put adjustments down because for some reason the balances on Coda will end up differently. I must not be inputting them 100% correctly. I do not care to spend potentially hours more of my time making sure it’s exactly correct. You’ll have to trust me on this one ☝️
*Fees exist for EVERY Transaction, but only reconciled on the last trade made to make inputting data faster. This is the ideal, but I may reconcile them even later than that.
** Check Last trade of day to see all notes and account summary
My thesis:
Thesis will be formulated based upon studying the pre-market and to only WATCH the market in the first 15 minutes after open to have conviction in my play.

Tradezella periodic reports

October 2023


Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 4.45.07 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 4.47.58 PM.png


My trading was going SO well until my halloween trade. You can see that mistake cost a drawdown of $5,361.00 on my account. What a great thing that I was up so much on the month before that and that I had been cashing out roughly half of all of my trading profits. The month was a strong start to this entire account. It’s amazing to me that my metrics were so phenomenal for the month leading up to the big loss that even afterwards, all of my dashboard metrics except for “Avg Win/loss Per Trade” were still citing profitability.

November 2023

Coming soon!


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