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man & machine Ver O.2

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man & machine.

story of a student, on a stage called life.
stories, fuel human evolution, and evolve them selves along the way.
I enjoy editing them in my own unique workflow.
I consider my self a bit of { this } and a bit of [ that ]. Don't go by desigations
Treat this website as an manifest of my professional life.
Gitesh aka bronzwik

past life : an editor

a worker's life worth, is the work he leaves behind.

Bootstrapping ideas, since I was 12. Lead teams of 5, 50’s and 100’s.

Worked as an sales man, video-editor, animator, motion graphic designer, post production lead, faculty, stage director, experience designer and content creator while honing a cap of an entrepreneur.

Has worked with { xxx nos of brands }, created {xxx} films, { xxxx } software, {fff} brands,{eee} experiences.

Created brand identity’s, easy to use software's, websites, walkthroughs, developed marketing campaigns, produced quality rich content and immersive experiences.

Has been blessed of getting the opportunity of working with some of the amazing creators across different department across industry verticals.

Some of the brands & teams along with selected projects have been listed below.



present : building an editor

Machines of all kinds are my second love. And the efficiency they bring along to our race and beyond, the first. “Shhhh... don’t tell the misuses.”
Currently working on empowering creative professionals, by building an efficient and sustainable future through bits and bytes.

For layman, building useful products & memorable brands.
Highlights -
Leading a kick-Ass Team at shunya.ek.
Associated with an international film in development.
Business Head at kaiyan.

Occupied with projects offering challenges and learning in the area of my interests.

Focus on


future : ......

Seeking brands and team, who wants to infuse your team or business with freshness of energy, while helping you find the root of the problems & fix them. You are willing to let me learn a few tricks from you.

Focus Area :

Data Management,
Technology Architecture,
Digital Asset Management,
Workflow Design and Implementation,
Growth Management,
Design and Communication,
Product Development. [ Digital or Physical ]
Customer Demo and Service.

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