SM referrals/Facebook

Looking at how we performed on Social Media...

There was a solid increase in traffic from Facebook compared to the previous 3 months (at the start of the year). It appears that most of our SM activity was focused on this platform. There were 60 posts on the Facebook account during this period (or about 2 posts in every 3 days).

Screen Shot 2020-08-08 at 5.22.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-08-08 at 5.20.31 PM.png

This is a look at when website clicks from Facebook spiked.

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 4.32.53 PM.png

The number of followers steadily increased on Facebook during this 3 month period.
Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 4.38.31 PM.png

The three posts with the highest engagement levels were (in order of engagement)

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 5.33.23 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 5.34.04 PM.png

And this one which featured
Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 5.35.07 PM.png
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