YC Scottsdale

, working on William & Wall, "M&A Advisory & Business Consulting"
, working on Hummingbird, "Enterprise solution for businesses with respect to legal. Providing small businesses with access to legal services through membership and subscription and by leveraging technology and automation. "
, working on Astaire, "Astaire is a private equity company acquiring consumer brands generating under $5M in revenue, specialising in scaling them via digital marketing."
, working on Wyrkrr Inc., "Wyrkrr rents robots to small and medium businesses with no upfront automation or programming required. Customers can then hire gig workers via our online marketplace to operate the robots virtually. "
Matt, working on Subvert, "Building a web service to reduce (and eliminate) the need for intrusive advertisements, allowing users to directly support their favorite sites."
, working on Pitch, "Pitch pre-authorizes your friends' payment when they agree to Pitch in to ensure you get paid in full on time. Take the pain out of planning your next trip, party, or any shared cost with Pitch."
, working on Densec ID, "We are developing the next generation of physical unclonable identifiers to eliminate counterfeiting and provide secure traceability across global supply chains"
, aspiring founder
, working on Growth Circle, "Growth Circle is a portal for coaching and support for personal development. AI matching connects verified coaches with growth seekers. The free community provides peer support and accountability."
, working on Omnychannel, "We enable e-commerce and O2O (online-to-offline) companies with a unified platform and AI technology that personalizes customer messaging and accepts payment(s) anywhere."
, working on Funnel Factory, "A modular scaling solution to deliver people and process as one. Currently helping companies hire, train, and scale offshore talent through focussed lightweight sprints."
, working on Granularity, "We help brands collect anonymous site visitor data. They can later retarget those unknowns on their mobile device with Ads, Surveys, Quizzes, etc."
, working on Dev/Des, "Building an plugin + tools within Figma to help designers publish tickets, create a handoff doc, and centralize design/product truth in Figma."
, working on Aspect Lifestyle Inc, "Luxury Rental Marketplace "
, working on Priscotty, "Priscotty is a cannabis ordering & delivery technology company that is on a mission to be the mobile first-choice destination platform that shapes the cannabis customer and supply chain of the future."
, working on Scholars of Finance, "Scholars of Finance is an organization on a mission to inspire character & integrity in undergraduates through leadership development, mentorship, and support of finance executives and investors."
Shane , working on Test, "Test test test Test"
, aspiring founder
, working on , "We are a guild of devs who build scalable internal process for teams tools like Notion, Coda, and Airtable."
, working on HealthLoq, LLC, "HealthLoq provides transparency into products and companies. Batch-level, first-party information shared down the supply chain from producers and back up the distribution chain from consumers."
, working on Elite Leadership, "Leadership development, culture training and consulting"
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