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No one likes being tagged into an already-thriving Slack thread and having to get up to speed on 40 messages to understand the context. Especially when you’ve been tagged to come fix a problem. 😂
Paste a link to a long Slack thread in the table below, and Coda AI and the Slack Pack will work together to summarize it in seconds!
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Has everyone heard about this ? Who would you bet on?
The Slack message discusses a hypothetical cage match between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, with some users speculating on who would win. CodaAI chimes in with the opinion that only AI would say Zuck has charisma. The conversation also includes discussions about Jeff Bezos and a comparison between Yoda and Iron Man. There is also a mention of a document and instructions on how to use it.
Thread for WWDC :apple_logo: 👓
The Slack thread is a conversation about the WWDC event, with topics ranging from product announcements to virtual reality technology. Participants discuss the new features of Apple products, including laptops and headsets, as well as the potential of virtual reality and augmented reality for work and entertainment. The conversation also includes speculation about the future of technology and the impact of virtual experiences on real-life experiences.
☃️ It’s weekly ice breaker time!
This week’s ice breaker comes from who asks: What’s your favorite cooking tip?
Leave your work appropriate response in this thread, and get to know your amazing colleagues even better!
*Have an Ice Breaker to submit? Share it at go/icebreakers *
The Slack message is a weekly ice breaker question asking for people's favorite cooking tip. Responses range from using the flat side of a knife to pop garlic out of its peel, to using a food scraper to move vegetables and clean the cutting board, to doubling the butter and using 5x the garlic. Other tips include using kitchen shears to break down protein, freezing leftover herbs for next time, using a waffle maker for French toast, and cooking rice with the pasta method. Some tips relate to removing garlic or onion odor from hands, preventing tears while cutting onions, and even making your own utensils.
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This post was inspired by tweet, and an unfinished project with the OpenAI Pack. Thankfully, Coda AI is much more user-friendly :)

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