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Group Randomizer

The Group Randomizer!

Quickly sort your team (or anything I guess) randomly into groups!
At Underscore, part of our weekly cadence is random small group meetings to mimic water cooler chat in the office.

The system in
let’s us quickly assign people to a group in a random and easy fashion!

Just slide the slider to the minimum desired group size (since it might not be possible to evenly divide everyone, overflow is added back to the groups evenly).

Click the “
” button and let the magic happen! If you need to copy and paste the results elsewhere, drop down the ‘Text Representation” section.

I left the
and related columns unhidden if you care to watch the mechanism in real time, though feel free to right click on those columns and hide them! It won’t affect anything, and will make it a cleaner interface.

To get started:
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and delete this page 😄
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