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From Mr. O - June 3


End of Year Exam Information: June 3-7

Breakfast and lunch will be served each exam day.
All students must attend daily. The schedule is as follows:
1st Block Exams: Monday June 3rd
2nd Block Exams: Tuesday, June 4th
3rd Block Exams: Wednesday, June 5th
4th Block Exams: Thursday, June 6th
All Exam Make-ups: Friday, June 7th
Testing is from 7:15 am – 12:25 pm each day, so there will be NO EARLY DISMISSALS. Student must remain for the entire day
Exams will be given according to the printed schedule; they may not be given on a day other than that specified.
Final exams are required in all classes. Attendance will be taken.
Final exams count for 20% of the final grade.
Students who miss a final exam will be given through June 7th to make-up the missed exam.
There are no EOC retakes – students will only sit for the EOC once, so it is important they do their best on the designated exam day.
All testing environments must be secure. This means that all students must hand in their cell phones and electronic devices. Students who fail to do so will receive 3 days OSS
Students MUST bring their Chromebook, fully charged, on the day of testing.

Chromebook Collection - ⚠️ NEW CMS UPDATE ⚠️

ALL Chromebooks, chargers, and hotspots will be collected this week. No student will be allowed to keep their CMS technology over the summer.
Students participating in summer educational opportunities MAY NOT keep their computer. They need to turn it in, fill out , and then they may check out a Chromebook from the school, beginning on June 12.
On the day of your last final exam, turn in your Chromebook, charger and hotspot (if you have one). A teacher will come to your testing room to collect them.
If you can't find your charger, please before turning in your Chromebook
If you can’t find your Chromebook, ASAP.
Failure to turn in assigned technology will result in the following charges:
Lost Chromebook: $50
Lost hotspot: $50
Lost charger: $10
ALL charges will need to be cleared BEFORE receiving a Chromebook in the fall
Note to Seniors:
Seniors must turn in their Chromebook and charger before graduating.
If you have lost either, you must resolve the charges before graduation.
Not resolving outstanding charges can prevent you from full participation at graduation
Pay charges at

Attention Senior Families

Please be sure to read the , there is a lot of vital information pertaining to Graduation Practice and Graduation.

Attendance Recovery - ⚠️ ACTION REQUIRED ⚠️

Attendance Recovery has concluded.
Attendance Appeals were sent electronically to parents on Friday, May 24th, and they were re-sent to students on Wednesday, May 30th. The appeals were only sent to students who had 11 or more Unexecused Absences. In many cases, students had 11 or more absences, but at least 1 or more were excused.
Please note that students who have attended Attendance Recovery must still submit an appeal. Appeals were due on Friday, May 31st. The Appeals Committee will review all appeals on Monday, June 3rd and Tuesday, June 4th. Staff and students will be notified of the results of the appeals on Wednesday, June 5th.

Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery for 23-24 school year ended May 31, 2024. Students who completed their course work their counselor will be notified. Any student who did not complete their course work will have to start their course over either during the summer session or during the 24-25 school year. Students who wish to apply for Credit Recovery for the summer session will need to reach out to the counselor to see if they are eligible.
If you have any questions, email Tracy Forst, Credit Recovery Coordinator:

Media Center Updates

Check your bags, your shelves at home, and your classroom - all library books still out at this point will be marked lost & need to be returned ASAP. Hand your returns to your teacher on the day you test & Mrs. Sanford will collect and check them in daily.
Please for overdue/lost books, especially if you’re a senior. Financial obligations affect your graduation & your ability to receive a report card.
Tutorials on SORA

Advanced Course Boot Camp

Palisades High School is offering an Advanced Coursework preparation experience for students taking a college level course for the first or second time.
During the summer boot camp, students will work together to build skills needed to be successful in advanced courses, including document-based writing, organization, and self-advocacy.
The free camp will run from June 24th - July 11
July 1-5 there will be no camp
9:00 am - 2:00 pm/Transportation/Lunch are provided
Target Audience: Students taking Advanced Courses for the 1st or 2nd time
The program is designed to target students who will be taking an advanced course for the first or second time in the 2024-2025 school year, including AP, Cambridge, Dual Enrollment.


The goal of Freshman Connection is to expose students to life as a Freshman on their high school campus, CTE pathways, understanding the workforce beyond high school, exposure to local community colleges and universities in the area.
Session 1: June 24 - July 11, 2024 (excluding week of July 4th)
Session 2: July 15 - July 25, 2024
You may only sign up for one session
Mon-Thurs, 9am - 2pm (No classes Friday)
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