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Twinkly - LED Lighting
Twinkly Smart Lighting is a connected patented and award-winning lighting system that is revolutionising the lighting industry.
Twinkly’s proprietary mapping users to precisely detect the exact position of every single LED on the product giving users the ability to group together multiple devices and download and create visual effects.
All Twinkly products support Razer Chroma RGB, feature Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, and can be controlled via the free Twinkly App (for iOS and Android), Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Razer Chroma RGB.

Razer/Twinkly co-branding video

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Twinkly “Flex” is a 6.6’ light "tube" light that can be bent and contorted to any shape. Think of it as your own customizable Neon sign. You want to write your name on the wall in lights, bend the lights into the shape of a tree, a heart, or anything else you can envision. The Flex can be set to be a different color at different points along the light tube, or set to moving patterns, so you aren’t stuck with just a single color option. Each tube comes packed with 200 RGB LEDs that can be mapped to real-world spaces via the Twinkly app.

Squares (avail early 2022)

Twinkly “Squares” are large square panels offering 64 RGB pixels in an 8x8 configuration that combines LED technology with interior decoration to create totally user-driven decor. For example, you can align multiple Twinkly Squares together and then display a light-based Mona Lisa within the frame. You can also show off video game characters, pixel art, and more. The Squares will be available in 9 or 16 panel packs.
Like all Twinkly lights, each pixel is individually mappable, so you can create an endless display of complex and forever changing patterns. That's a whole lot more potential than Nanoleaf’s single color per panel!


“Line” is available in a smart 100 RGB LED 5’ strip and a 100 LED extension strip, all individually addressable for animations and effects via the Twinkly App.

Music Dongle

Realtime BPM Music Visualizer

Razer Chroma™ RGB with Twinkly Chroma Connector

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