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Why EyCrowd
"EyCrowd makes it easy for brands to connect with their customers by simplifying the entire process of organizing brand experiences. Our platform handles everything from logistics to social media, allowing brands to focus on creating authentic, impactful engagements without the high costs and complexity. We hope you enjoy EyCrowd as much as we do!"
—Brad Cowdrey, Co-Founder and CEO of EyCrowd

About EyCrowd


EyCrowd is an app and smart platform where brands create engaging experiences for real people to join, bringing visitors to both physical and online stores. Instantly increase in-store traffic, online traffic, product interactions, and more. Marketers can easily design captivating brand experiences on our website in minutes, which are then published on the EyCrowd app for real people to participate in. EyCrowd transforms marketing into memorable experiences that generate immediate results with authentic participants. No need for additional staff or resources. The EyCrowd app guides participants while our smart platform manages all aspects. Flexible Pricing: Set your own budget, pay per use, with no subscription required.

EyCrowd Comparison

Complexity Factors & Level of Effort in Brand Events

(Events Industry Council)

Based on research by the Events Industry Council, "Complexity Factors in Brand Events" rates the difficulty of organizing brand events from 1 to 5. Venue and logistics, along with human resources, have the highest complexity at level 5 due to challenges in venue selection, logistics, planning, and staff coordination. Marketing and promotion, and technology and AV equipment, rated at 4, require substantial effort for campaigns and tech solutions. Sustainability practices, rated at level 3, are important but less complex than other factors.
Traditional Brand Events vs. EyCrowd Brand Experiences
Event Requirement
Traditional Event LOE
EyCrowd Experiences LOE
With EyCrowd Brand Experiences
Agenda, Program, and Speakers
Very High
Real customers and brand fans. Simplified activities managed via the EyCrowd platform and app.
$30,000 to $300,000+
$300 to $3000+
Easy and customizable via the EyCrowd experience builder.
Venue, Event Date
Flexible "open house" scheduling. Conducted at brand retail and public locations.
Logistics, Operations, and Vendors
Very High
Logistics managed by the EyCrowd app. No vendor coordination needed.
Marketing and Promotion
Very High
Integrated promotion through the EyCrowd app.
Attendee and Community Engagement
Continuous engagement through the EyCrowd app.
Photography and Videography
Authentic, rated user-generated content through participant engagement managed by EyCrowd.
Social Media Strategy
Integrated social media engagement via EyVocates™.
Safety and Security
Conducted at retail and public locations in smaller groups of shoppers, ensuring natural safety and security.
Registration Process
Simplified registration via the EyCrowd app.
Feedback Mechanisms
Immediate feedback through the EyCrowd app.
Event Analytics and Reporting
Real-time, detailed analytics and reporting through the EyCrowd app.
Post-Event Follow-Up
Continuous engagement managed through regular EyCrowd events.
There are no rows in this table

EyCrowd eliminates the vast majority of work and logistics associated with events. Now you can launch EyCrowd experiences, "mini-events," for your brand in minutes with minimal effort and bring your crowd to your locations.
Now in-person and hybrid (in-person + online & social) !

Simplifying Brand Experiences with EyCrowd: A Game-Changer for Marketing Professionals

Traditional Brand Event Design and Execution: A Complex Endeavor

For marketing professionals, organizing traditional brand events has always been a labor-intensive and costly process. These events typically require significant investment in terms of time, money, and resources to ensure their success. Let’s break down the various components involved in traditional brand event design and execution:
Agenda, Program, and Speakers: Crafting a comprehensive agenda, securing high-profile speakers, and organizing multiple sessions require detailed planning and coordination. The logistical effort is immense and often necessitates a dedicated team.
Budget Management: Traditional brand events come with hefty price tags, ranging from $30,000 to $300,000 or more. This includes expenses for venue rentals, catering, audio-visual setups, marketing, and more. Effective budget management and cost-saving strategies are crucial but challenging to implement.
Venue and Event Date: Securing the right venue and scheduling the event at an optimal time involves meticulous planning and negotiations. Large venues often have fixed schedules, requiring months of advance booking and coordination.
Logistics and Operations: The logistics of organizing a traditional event are extensive. This includes coordinating with multiple vendors, managing the setup and breakdown of the venue, ensuring smooth operations during the event, and addressing any unforeseen issues that may arise.
Marketing and Promotion: A successful event relies heavily on a well-executed marketing and promotion plan. Multi-channel campaigns must be designed to reach the target audience effectively, requiring significant investment in time and resources.
Attendee Engagement and Experience: Ensuring high levels of attendee engagement and providing personalized experiences are critical for the success of a brand event. This involves planning interactive sessions, managing attendee information, and creating memorable experiences.
Photography and Videography: Capturing high-quality photos and videos during the event adds another layer of complexity. This requires hiring professional photographers and videographers, and ensuring they capture the essence of the event.
Social Media Strategy: Implementing a robust social media strategy is essential for amplifying the event’s reach and engagement. This involves live posting, engaging with attendees online, and creating shareable content.
Post-Event Follow-Up and Reporting: After the event, detailed reporting and analysis are necessary to measure success and gather insights for future events. This includes collecting feedback, analyzing attendee data, and preparing comprehensive reports for stakeholders.

EyCrowd Brand Experiences: Streamlined and Impactful

Enter EyCrowd, a revolutionary platform that transforms how marketing professionals organize and execute brand experiences. Here’s how EyCrowd simplifies the entire process and enhances the impact of brand events:
Agenda, Program, and Speakers: EyCrowd leverages real customers and brand fans as speakers and participants, eliminating the need for high-profile speaker coordination. The platform simplifies the agenda and activities, managing everything through the EyCrowd app.
Budget Management: With EyCrowd, brand experiences can be executed for as little as $300 to $3000+. The platform’s experience builder allows for easy customization, ensuring cost-effective yet impactful events.
Venue and Event Date: EyCrowd events are conducted at the brand’s retail locations or nearby public spaces, providing flexible "open house" scheduling. This reduces the need for extensive venue coordination and planning.
Logistics and Operations: The EyCrowd app handles all logistics, from sourcing and organizing attendees to managing on-site operations. This eliminates the need for complex vendor coordination and operational planning.
Marketing and Promotion: Integrated promotion through the EyCrowd app simplifies the marketing process. The app automatically manages promotional activities, ensuring targeted and effective reach.
Attendee Engagement and Experience: Continuous engagement is facilitated through the EyCrowd app. The platform ensures attendees are engaged before, during, and after the event, creating a seamless and interactive experience.
Photography and Videography: EyCrowd manages all photography and videography through rated user-generated content. This ensures authentic and engaging visuals without the need for professional photographers.
Social Media Strategy: The EyCrowd app integrates social media engagement via EyVocates™, real customers who advocate for the brand. This ensures authentic and impactful social media presence.
Post-Event Follow-Up and Reporting: Real-time, detailed analytics and reporting are provided through the EyCrowd app. This allows brands to measure success, gather insights, and continuously engage with their audience.

It’s a new world with EyCrowd

EyCrowd redefines the brand experience landscape for marketing professionals. By simplifying the planning and execution process, reducing costs, and enhancing engagement, EyCrowd allows brands to focus on creating meaningful connections with their audience. The platform’s innovative approach ensures that brand experiences are not only impactful but also effortlessly manageable.
For marketing professionals looking to streamline their brand events and maximize their impact, EyCrowd offers a compelling solution that revolutionizes traditional event management.

Building Blocks: Brand Experience Activities

Activities are the basic building blocks of an EyCrowd Brand experience, shaping how your consumers engage with your brand. Each activity, whether it involves arriving, participating, or creating content, makes the overall experience entertaining, memorable and impactful. Select these activities for your brand experience using the EyCrowd Campaign Experience Builder. All activities are evaluated for authenticity, compliance, and brand appropriateness, allowing users to perform them multiple times to achieve a high rating on the EyCrowd app.
Here are the types of EyCrowd activities with examples:
Arriving and Creating Presence:
EyVocates arrive at designated locations with confidence and recognition, enhancing visibility and brand recognition.
Examples: "Fly w/ Visibility, Land w/ Recognition," "Walk Your Product into Hearts & Minds," "Overflowing Fans: Packed House."
Capturing Moments with Rated User Generated Content:
EyVocates capture memorable moments with your brand and others through pictures and videos, showcasing their experiences and interactions with the brand.
Examples: "Capture three or more pictures of your memorable campaign experience," "Create a captivating video," "Upload an engaging video."
Connecting and Networking:
EyVocates connect with others, including business groups, hosts, and other EyVocates, and capture pictures to document these connections.
Examples: "Connect, capture a picture with the business group," "Meet and capture a picture with all EyVocates at this campaign," "Capture a memorable picture with your friend/EyVocate."
Experiencing the Brand:
EyVocates experience the brand through various sensory activities such as tasting new food items, listening to presentations, trying on new products, and enjoying fragrances.
Examples: "Delight in a new flavor and capture the moment," "Listen attentively to our informative presentation," "Try on and explore the new items."
Sharing Opinions and Feedback:
EyVocates share their thoughts and feedback through detailed reviews and surveys, contributing valuable insights about the products and experiences.
Examples: "Leave a review for this specific item on a website," "Participate in our survey about the product you discovered," "Share your thoughts and feedback in a detailed manner."
Receiving and Using Products:
EyVocates engage with products and services at retail or other physical locations, as well as receive items via delivery. They then use these products and provide reviews or confirmations of their experiences.
Examples: "Visit our store and engage with the product," "Pick up and try an item at the designated location," "Receive and confirm the receipt of a delivered item," "Experience the service at our location and share your feedback."

Limitless Value: Brand to Consumer Connection

EyCrowd brand experiences bring people together to enjoy events that build a sense of community and social connection. Participants have fun, achieve goals, and can earn rewards, which makes them feel more satisfied and connected to the brand. These events offer unique, hands-on experiences that create deeper emotional ties to the brand. By providing early access to new products and fostering genuine interactions, EyCrowd enhances brand recognition and loyalty.
Depending on the activities you select and customize for your brand experience, here is the value derived from the brand to consumer connection with EyCrowd:
Community Building through Fun and Entertainment:
EyCrowd's brand experiences offer a dynamic setting where like-minded people gather to enjoy in-person and online mini-events sponsored by brands that resonate with their personal values. These events foster new connections and strengthen existing ones, providing a platform for participants to engage socially and culturally. By fostering a sense of community around shared interests and brand loyalty, EyCrowd creates memorable experiences that encourage ongoing engagement.
Connectiveness and Satisfaction:
At EyCrowd events, participants not only enjoy themselves and meet others with similar interests, but they also achieve tangible goals, whether that's supporting a brand initiative or contributing to a community objective. The added opportunity to earn money while participating enhances the sense of achievement and satisfaction, leaving attendees with a profound sense of joy and personal freedom. This rewarding experience reinforces positive associations with the brands involved, deepening customer loyalty.
Unique and Innovative Experiences:
EyCrowd introduces consumers to novel, real-life brand interactions that go beyond traditional marketing, offering more authentic and engaging ways to experience brands. These unique encounters allow consumers to immerse themselves fully in brand stories, creating deeper emotional connections for hours at a time. By providing such innovative experiences, EyCrowd sets itself apart from conventional marketing channels, offering consumers a fresh and memorable way to engage with brands.
True Voice:
EyCrowd empowers consumers to express their true voice and align their public association with brands that resonate with their personal values. Unlike traditional advertising, where consumers may feel a disconnect despite their affinity for a brand, EyCrowd facilitates a genuine relationship where consumers choose to engage in sponsored brand experiences because they genuinely believe in the brand’s message, values, and mission. This platform not only respects but champions the consumer’s authentic voice and perspective, fostering a meaningful bond between brands and their advocates. This results in a more fulfilling interaction for consumers, who feel that their preferences and values are acknowledged and prioritized, making their promotional activities feel more like a true endorsement than a mere transaction.
In-Person and Online Brand Experiences:
EyCrowd integrates in-person and online marketing promotion experiences if desired (at the option of the brand), enabling participants to engage in authentic brand engagement both at physical events and through digital platforms. This two-pronged approach broadens participation by accommodating diverse preferences, leveraging local settings while also transcending geographical boundaries. As a result, consumers can advocate for brands in a manner that suits their lifestyle, whether they are at home, nearby, or on location, ensuring genuine engagement across multiple touch-points.
Early Access to Innovations:
EyCrowd provides consumers with early access to the latest brand innovations, offering them a first look at new products and marketing brand experiences before they are widely available. This exclusivity fosters a sense of insider status among participants, making them feel valued and special. Moreover, being first to experience and share new ideas enhances consumers' influence within their social circles, positioning them as insiders and trendsetters.
Enhanced Brand Recognition:
Through EyCrowd, brands stand out by offering distinctive and memorable experiences that cut through the noise of traditional marketing. These experiences are designed to leave a lasting impression, enhancing brand recall and affinity. By differentiating themselves in such a dynamic way, brands can build a stronger presence in competitive markets.
Genuine Brand Connections:
EyCrowd prioritizes real, human interactions, moving beyond superficial digital engagements like clicks and impressions. These genuine interactions build trust and credibility, fostering stronger and more meaningful connections between brands and consumers. As a result, participants are more likely to become loyal advocates, promoters, and believers of the brands they interact with.
Quality Engagement:
EyCrowd's platform ensures that each interaction is not only frequent but also significant, enriching the consumer's experience with the brand. By facilitating deeper engagements, EyCrowd helps build lasting relationships that go beyond one-time transactions. These interactions are carefully crafted to ensure they are both enjoyable and beneficial, enhancing both satisfaction and brand loyalty.
Effective Service Recovery:
When appropriate, EyCrowd empowers brands to proactively address and rectify negative consumer experiences that may occur from time to time, transforming potential detractors into brand advocates. This approach not only salvages at-risk relationships but also demonstrates the brand's commitment to customer care and satisfaction. Such proactive service recovery can significantly enhance the overall perception of a brand, building trust and loyalty among consumers.
Interactive Product Experiences:
EyCrowd allows consumers to interact directly with products through live or online demonstrations and real-time engagement opportunities. This hands-on approach provides consumers with a better understanding of new and existing products and their benefits, enhancing perceived value and credibility. Additionally, these live experiences can help address any hesitations or questions on the spot, leading to more informed and confident purchasing decisions.
Rewards for Engagement:
Participants in EyCrowd's events are not just engaged; they are also rewarded for their involvement through monetary rewards, brand points, or other incentives. These rewards not only incentivize further participation but also deepen the consumer's emotional and practical ties to the brand. By valuing and recognizing consumer advocacy, EyCrowd fosters a mutually beneficial relationship that encourages ongoing engagement and loyalty.
Co-Promotion Opportunities:
EyCrowd facilitates co-promotional activities that allow consumers to be part of larger marketing efforts, giving them a role in the success of the brand experiences they care about. This participatory approach not only enhances the impact of the promotion but also gives consumers a sense of ownership and pride in the results. Co-promotion through EyCrowd can amplify a brand’s message while also embedding the brand deeper into the consumer's social and community networks.
Access to Exclusive Brand Experiences:
Exclusive brand experiences hosted by EyCrowd provide participants with unique opportunities to engage with brands on a level not available to the general public. These VIP experiences can include early access to products, special events, or unique content, making participants feel valued as part of an elite group. This exclusivity not only enhances engagement but also builds a strong, loyal community around a brand.
Insider Insights:
Through early or exclusive access to information and products, EyCrowd gives consumers insider insights that enhance their knowledge and engagement with the brand. Being in the know places consumers in a privileged position, allowing them to act as brand ambassadors who share valuable insights with their networks. This insider status not only enriches their personal brand association but also elevates their social influence.
Community Influence:
By enabling consumers to contribute to community-focused brand experiences, EyCrowd empowers them to support causes and initiatives that align with their personal values. This involvement fosters a sense of purpose and belonging, strengthening the emotional bond between the consumer and the brand. Additionally, participating in community-driven initiatives through EyCrowd can enhance consumers' perceptions of the brand's social responsibility and ethical commitments.
Rapid Response to Market Trends:
EyCrowd's nimble platform allows consumers to engage with the latest market trends in real-time, ensuring they are always at the forefront of new developments. This responsiveness keeps the consumer experience fresh and exciting, fostering ongoing interest and engagement. By staying aligned with current trends, EyCrowd helps consumers feel connected and relevant within their social circles.
Continuous Interaction:
EyCrowd's ongoing interactions keep consumers engaged with brands over time, preventing disinterest and fostering a continuous relationship. This sustained engagement helps build a deep, enduring bond between consumers and brands, turning occasional buyers into loyal advocates. Regular interaction through EyCrowd ensures that consumers remain interested and invested in the brand's journey.
Real-Time Feedback:
EyCrowd's real-time feedback mechanism allows consumers to see the impact of their engagement immediately, affirming their contributions and enhancing their satisfaction. This instant validation not only motivates continued participation but also builds trust in the brand's appreciation of consumer input. Real-time feedback helps fine-tune consumer experiences, ensuring that they are always optimized for maximum enjoyment and impact.
Dynamic Content Creation:
Through participation in EyCrowd brand experiences, consumers actively contribute to creating authentic, dynamic content that reflects their real experiences and opinions. This content creation process allows consumers to express themselves creatively while also influencing the brand narrative. The genuine content produced is not only more relatable to other consumers but also serves as a powerful marketing tool that enhances the brand's authenticity and reach.
Enhanced Word-of-Mouth:
EyCrowd amplifies the natural word-of-mouth process by enabling consumers to share their genuine experiences and recommendations with a wider network. This accelerated word-of-mouth capability increases the brand's visibility and credibility, driving new customer acquisitions more effectively. As consumers share their positive experiences, they become trusted advocates, extending the brand's reach and influence organically.
Continuous Learning and Development:
EyCrowd offers continuous learning opportunities that help consumers stay informed about new products, technologies, and marketing trends. This educational aspect enhances consumer engagement by keeping them informed and adept at navigating the latest market developments. Continual learning and development through EyCrowd not only enrich the consumer's experience but also foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the brand's values and innovations.


Download the EyCrowd 2.0 Mobile App and enjoy a VIP experience just for you!

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