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Measuring Success

I've created the following outline to help ensure we're on the same page regarding our success measurement criteria.

Part 1: Individual Performance Metrics

1.1 Deal Dynamics: Efficiency in closing deals and prowess in generating new business opportunities.
1.2 Sales Process Mastery: Independent execution of compelling demos within 90 days, alongside enhancements in our sales processes and content.
1.3 Strategic Initiatives: Formulation and implementation of forward-thinking strategies that bolster Boon's market standing.

Part 2: Contribution to Boon's Overall Growth Efforts

2.1 Enhancing Macro Performance: Drive improvements in Boon’s productivity and performance through leadership, collaboration, and innovation.
2.2 Idea Cross-Pollination and Iteration: Facilitate the exchange of insights and successful strategies across teams, enriching Boon's collective growth intelligence and capabilities.
2.3 Optimizing Vendor Performance: Enable and enhance our vendor partnerships, ensuring they are performing at their peak and aligning with our growth objectives. This involves regularly assessing vendor contributions, identifying areas for improvement, and collaborating on strategies to maximize their value to Boon.

Additional Success Indicators

Innovation in Growth Tactics: Implement innovative growth tactics that set new standards in our approach to reaching and engaging potential customers and partners.
Analytics and Data-Driven Decision Making: Enhance analytics and accountability for strategic decisions, ensuring actions are insight-led and results are measurable.

Key Projects to Consider

Onboard and manage new lead gen vendors

Includes implementing a system to monitor and report the performance of each vendor
Vendors have info they need
We’re tracking performance of vendors accurately
Launch LinkedIn visibility and branding boost campaign

Bolster and improve Boon’s own outbound lead-gen efforts

Taking over lead nurturing of existing deals
New outbound efforts

Begin updates to the website

Updating the main page to reflect the key learnings and selling points customers are responding to
Adding additional pages that improve credibility and SEO
Industry-specific pages (i.e. healthcare, education, recruitment, etc.)
Features pages
AI-specific page
Accessibility specific page
One-click referral program
Slack and Team apps
SMS referral submissions and chat bots

Conference and event schedule

At least research in 30 days

Launch G2 or TrustPilot campaign

At least research in 30 days

Launch webinar/podcast campaign

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