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Boon Browse Section - Jack McWhinnie
Project: Browse Section


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Design Files
Reference Materials
Username: boondev
PW: boonisawesome
From there you can create your own account. It’s a staging environment so you may find a few bugs or unfinished sections but it will provide you with the most up-to-date view of the product.
This is an older prototype that’s built in Webflow. We use it occasionally for customer demos and presentations. It isn’t a 100% accurate depiction of the product but it may be helpful to get a general sense of the direction we’re trying to go. That said, the Browse section in this prototype is purely conceptual. You don’t need to feel like you have to hold too close to those designs.
PW: 1234
This is an older prototype. It has an actual front-end (HTML & CSS) so it has greater functionality but it’s not connected to any backend. At this point, it’s about a year and a half old so it doesn’t have the newer features we’ve built but you may be able to pull some ideas from the user app as that has not evolved as much as the employer app due to the user app being in react native.
Specific Sites/Solutions
These are some of the solutions and platforms I’ve found helpful to draw inspiration and ideas from.
If you think there are other sources worth mentioning here, feel free to add them along with a note why. Comment and tag me on it when you do so I can check it out.
This isn’t necessarily the most gorgeous site but they use Material design which is what Boon’s UI is based on. Additionally, it obviously uses leverages material design for a very similar use case.
Great for gamification. They’ve managed to make exercise social and fun so they’re clearly on to something. If you don’t have an account, please create one so you can check out the interface.
Their design used to be pretty harsh and unintuitive but it’s improved markedly over the years. As the one of the world’s leading career based sites, they’ve designed solutions to a lot of the same use cases Boon has and spent good money doing it.
As some of the leading social networks in the world, they’ve done a lot of A/B and user testing. Theses platforms have been maximized for engagement so there’s likely a good reason why every component and element is where it is and looks the way it looks.
Not the best looking or most intuitive site in the world but it’s a talent marketplace so the use case is very close to Boon. As a result, it can provide some great ideas and directions for how to approach various functionality that is more unique to a talent marketplace.
All Google solutions including: Drive, Calendar, Photos, Admin console, Google Ads etc.
While the use case may not be directly relevant to Boon, I’ve found helpful ideas for approaching specific functionalities within various Google solutions..
General Inspiration
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