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General Documentation

Jobs & Departments
What are Departments?
Department profiles are an easy way of letting people know which departments are currently hiring within your company. Department profiles can be referred or applied to just like job posts. This allows you to begin sourcing talent immediately before you’ve even published a single job post!
Department profiles can also make it easier for people to submit referrals and applications when they can’t decide on a specific job post.
Department profiles also help engage a broader audience of potential referral providers and applicants. Whenever you import or create a job post, it can be connected to up to three different departments. Any jobs that are connected to a department will then be displayed on that department’s profile.
The order of the fields doesn’t necessarily reflect the order they need to be displayed to users.
If a field is listed as required, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be displayed within the UI. I’m simply trying to help you understand how the job data may vary between different jobs.
You can find a copy of the input form for jobs and departments in the Figma design file under “Employer app”.
Job post fields
Department profile fields
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There are a few factors to determine how the buttons are displayed on an opening (job or department - employer profile has its own unique rules).
Whether the user viewing the opening is logged in
Whether the user viewing the opening has applied
Whether the user is viewing the opening via a direct referral or social referral
Reward template fields
Sub-bulleted items represent selection items that are offered within that field.
Installments (default is 1)*
Guarantee period (when the reward gets paid out/how long the candidate has to be employed before the referral qualifies for a reward)
Reward details*
Monetary reward details
Reward value
Currency of reward
Experiential reward details
Filter Fields
Opening name/title
Opening type - whether to search jobs, departments or both
Work type
Experience level
Remote work
Employer Profile
Designs for the employer profile as well as the different ways users can access an employer’s profile - both logged in and not logged in - within the Figma project folder.
We don’t have an employer search tab within the product for several reasons but users can access/view an employer’s profile by clicking the Company name and/or logo from a job or department post.

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