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Boon Customer Onboarding

👋 Hi, Community Builders Team!

Welcome aboard! We're excited to partner with you. The following workspace includes our onboarding plan.
The process is straightforward and is designed for us to do most of the heavy lifting and get you the results you’re looking for.

ATS — Clear Company
Customer Project Manager:
Amanda “Mandy” Kelly —
Primary Technical Contact:
Boon team can send requests to this email address regarding any integration questions. Make sure to mention that they are related to The Community Builder’s account.
Garret is better suited for interface questions and questions specifically relating to The Community Builders’ Clear Company account.
Your account manager is:
Jessica Huntington
Feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions.

Process Overview

1. Kick-Off Meeting

The Kick-Off Meeting is the first step in our collaborative journey, setting the foundation for a successful partnership. In this session, we:
Introduce Team Members: Bringing together key players from both sides to build rapport and understanding.
Boon Overview: Provide a succinct overview of Boon, highlighting how it will revolutionize your recruitment processes.
Onboarding Roadmap: Discuss the onboarding process, setting clear timelines and expectations for each phase.
Key Contacts Identification: Establish primary points of contact to streamline communication and collaboration throughout the project.
To align both teams towards a common goal, ensuring a smooth and informed onboarding journey.
Identify resources and points of contact to facilitate integration.
Set up the process deep dive meeting and technical deep dive meeting (before end of meeting)
Customer project manager — recommended
Process owners (Recruitment manager, HR manager, etc.)
Technical team lead(s)

2. Requirements: Process Deep-Dive

This session delves into the intricacies of your current hiring workflows, aiming to:
Understand Current Processes: Gain a deep understanding of your existing recruitment and referral workflows.
Current referral flow and application process
ATS job post process
Recruitment team’s candidate pipeline process (within ATS)
Future State Vision: Collaboratively define the ideal future state of your referral program with Boon's integration.
Documentation and Check-ins: Collect essential documentation and establish a regular meeting schedule for ongoing engagement and updates.
Ask for and identify the ideal future state of referral program
Identify technical point of contact and meetings required
Documentation collection:
System documentation
Data schemas — job posts, candidates
Current referral hiring process flowcharts
Confirm reward structure details
Kick-off future state process flow design
Customer project manager
Process owners (Recruitment manager, HR manager, etc.)
Technical team lead(s)
Any subject matter experts (SMEs)

3. Requirements: Technical Deep-Dive

Focusing on the technical aspects, this meeting aims to:
ATS Integration: Discuss the technical requirements and steps for integrating Boon with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
Job posts
Candidate tracking
Resource Allocation: Ensure that both teams have the necessary technical resources and access for a seamless integration and testing process.
To lay down the technical groundwork for integrating Boon, ensuring compatibility and efficiency with your existing systems.
Begin implementation of customer’s confirmed ideal future state
Customer project manager
Technical team lead(s)
Champion/sponsor (optional)

4. 1st Weekly Check-in

This meeting serves as a checkpoint to:
Review Deliverables: Confirm the scope, deliverables, and the high-level onboarding timeline agreed upon.
Address Queries: Provide a platform to discuss any questions or clarifications needed from either side.
To ensure all parties are on the same page and any adjustments to the plan are made early in the process.
Establish weekly check-in schedule
Customer project manager
Process owners (Recruitment manager, HR manager, etc.)
Technical team lead(s)

Ongoing Weekly Check-ins

Continuing with regular check-ins, these meetings aim to:
Progress Updates: Discuss the ongoing progress, addressing any challenges encountered.
Key Confirmations:
Job Field Mapping: Verify that the mapping of job-related fields in Boon aligns with your internal systems for seamless job postings and updates.
Candidate Field Mapping: Ensure that candidate-related fields are correctly mapped, allowing for accurate tracking and assessment of candidates within Boon.
Reward Structures: Confirm that the reward mechanisms are set up as intended, promoting engagement and participation in the referral program.
To maintain momentum, adapt to any changes, and ensure the project stays on track towards successful implementation.
Customer project manager
Process owners (Recruitment manager, HR manager, etc.)
Technical team leads
Champion/sponsor (optional)

Implementation and Testing

Although not marked by a single milestone event, the Implementation and Testing phase is a continuous process that ensures Boon integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows. During this stage, we focus on:
Custom Configuration: Tailoring Boon to align with your company's specific data schemas and reward strategies, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal functionality.
Quality Assurance: Conducting comprehensive testing within a controlled environment, preferably a sandbox, to preemptively identify and resolve any potential issues. This meticulous approach guarantees that the system operates flawlessly, meeting our high standards and your expectations.
User Acceptance Testing (UAT): Inviting you, the customer, to test-drive the system. This hands-on experience allows you to confirm that everything functions as intended and that Boon is ready to meet your recruitment and referral needs.
Importance: This phase is key for fine-tuning Boon's integration with your systems, ensuring that it enhances your recruitment processes without any issues.

Go-Live Monitoring

The Go-Live phase marks the exciting moment when Boon becomes a part of your daily operations. But our support doesn't stop there. We remain actively involved to ensure a smooth transition:
Launch: We celebrate the official integration of Boon with your systems, a significant milestone towards optimizing your referral and recruitment processes.
Active Monitoring: Our team keeps a vigilant eye on the system's performance from the get-go, ready to address any unexpected challenges swiftly.
Continuous Support: Regular check-ins are scheduled post-launch to discuss any concerns, gather feedback, and implement necessary adjustments. This proactive approach ensures that Boon continues to meet your evolving needs.
Importance: Go-Live Monitoring isn't just about watching the system; it's about partnering with you to ensure Boon delivers continuous value, adapting and growing alongside your company.

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