(zoom integration) BoomMo Knowledge Base

Welcome to install BoomMo, you have a few steps to do:
Login to you zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace
Search BoomMo in the top nav bar, Click BoomMo
Click Install, and there would be a new page display all the scopes BoomMo would get from you Zoom account.
Click the authorize button and you can now start to use BooMo
TroubleShooting Guide

Usage Instructions
Hi everyone, Welcome to Boommo!

First, you need to register a Boommo account using your email.

You will receive a onboarding link after you input your email on the

Please fill some of your basic information to on board.

Then, we bring you to the dashboard page.

On the dashboard page, you can create a new event to attract people or share to your fans.


Also you can browser the recommended events, or create you own events to grow you fans.

You can discover events or people you interested, joins the events and have fun.

Uninstall BoomMo
If you would like to uninstall BoomMo for some reason, Please
Login to your zoom account and Navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Gmail App.
Click the BoomMo App.
Click Uninstall.

Contact Support
The easiest way to talk to us is to go to our customers’ online community and the #support channel.

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