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Windows install notes

To install Bodyswaps on a PC you will require:
a laptop or desktop that satisfies our
Authorisation to install applications on your PC (if its not your own)
Microsoft Store
The easiest way to install Bodyswaps is via the Microsoft Store.
Just follow this link:
Manual Installation
If for some reason you can’t use the Microsoft Store you can install it manually by using the following instructions:
Click on the link.
Double click the installer and follow the instructions.
If you cannot install it for all users, try installing just for yourself. If this fails you will need to ask your IT department to whitelist the app for you.
When installation is complete, double click the Bodyswaps icon to launch.
If when running the app for the first time you see the a pop-up like below, click on Run Anyway. Bodyswaps is safe to run, it just isn't recognised by Windows yet


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