Meta Quest Notes

There are two versions of the Quest currently on the market - the consumer and business editions.
If you have an consumer Quest then continue reading, if you are using Oculus For Business click
or finally if you are using an MDM like Arbor XR or SideQuest then click
Oculus Store (App Lab)
You’ll need an Oculus Quest or Quest 2 headset that is set-up and linked to an Oculus account. If you haven’t set-up your device yet then please look on the Oculus website:
You can then download Bodyswaps from the as part of the App Lab section of the site. There are few ways to do this:
Option 1: Via a web browser
By far the easiest way!
Click OK on the App Lab warning
Click Purchase / Install (the app is free)

The app should shortly automatically install onto your headset.
Option 2: Via the Oculus mobile app
You would have used the Oculus mobile app as part of the Oculus set-up process so it should be on your mobile phone already. Find the Oculus app and run it.
In the app click on the store tab
Click on the search icon at the top and type “bodyswaps”
Click on the Bodyswaps app to install - ignore the “This app may be experimental or still in development” message.
Accept the App Lab pop-up and click purchase / install
Option 3: Inside the headset
Lastly, you can install it using the Oculus Store in the headset
From the Oculus Home dashboard click on Store
Click the search icon and type “bodyswaps”
Select Bodyswaps App
Accept the App Lab warning
Click OK on the app lab Purchase / Install (the app is free)


Third-party MDMs & Sideloading
You can install Bodyswaps using the following MDM / tools:
Please use the Quest direct download link

Oculus For Business is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. Meta doesn't provide their own MDM solution yet to replace it
Previously, using a consumer Quest required the administrator to use a Facebook account, however they can now use the new "". Meta accounts can be quickly created with any email. Existing Facebook accounts can be migrated to a Meta account relatively painlessly.
You can use a third party MDM such as for free or for a monthly fee. Using an MDM like Arbor XR or (a similar solution) allows you to install our app (and any other ones you may be using) remotely on a fleet of devices. We just need your organisation ID to add you to our distribution list.
Unfortunately, for now, in order to install any MDM on a headset, it still needs to be switched into developer mode. This process requires a Meta developer account. We're not sure when Meta will streamline this part of the process.
In the meantime we continue to allow consumer Quest devices to install Bodyswaps via the .

Instructions for Oculus for Business Device Manager
Oculus for Business is Meta’s enterprise solution for Quest that is being depreciated next year. The steps are:
Login into your workplace group and navigate to device management
Navigate to Apps and click Add App.
Enter the URI and hashcode above.
Go to the Devices Fleet tab, click on the desired headsets group and then Apps tab.
Click Add App and select Bodyswaps app from the list and press Save.

Bodyswaps will then be installed automatically on your devices when they are next on and connected to the internet.
Oculus for Business dashboard says the installation failed when attempting an upgrade
This is an issue with OFB. The recommended solution is:
Uninstall any previous installations of Bodyswaps
Delete the Bodyswaps app from your App Library
Add it back in using the instructions above.

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