Learner Tutorials

Playing in the browser

For selected accounts you can now run Bodyswaps directly in the browser. This uses streaming technology - so what you are interacting with is copy of Bodyswaps running on a cloud server - like an interactive video.
If this feature is enabled you will see BROWSER in your device list on the :
Select browser device
Click on the BROWSER button after a short while the Play page should appear.
Accept the cookie settings and press either of the PLAY buttons
You will then have to wait a few moments whilst Bodyswaps is loaded on the cloud server ready for your training session.
Microphone permissions
Bodyswaps uses the microphone so you can interact with characters using your voice. The first time you run it, you will be asked permission for the app to access it. This is a two stage process:
First the app will warn you like so
Clicking CONTINUE Should bring up a pop-up on your browser to ask you give permission to access the microphone.
Click ALLOW. You should now see the appropriate training content running like so:
Enlarging the window
You can make the screen larger by hovering your mouse at the bottom of the window to reveal the play controls and clicking the full screen button on the far right.
Press Escape to quit full screen mode.
Stopping / Quitting
When you have finished the module please either close the window or press the STOP button at the bottom.
Note, that there is a time-limit on browser streaming - so don’t leave the window open for too long if you aren’t using the app.

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