Learner Tutorials

Getting started

Before you can use Bodyswaps you need to have a and the unless you are using the browser streaming version of Bodyswaps.

If you are just trying out Bodyswaps you can run the app in , but to try our full content and features you’ll need an access code. These are six digit numbers that you enter into the app to identify yourself and unlock features.

Accessing your training modules
You can access your content via three ways. They all lead to the same place - the Launch Screen:
By using a URL (or QR code) that your facilitator has given you
From an you receive from our system
Via our , using your registered email and password

Expand the relevant sections below:

Self enrolment
To self enrol, your trainer will need to share an enrolment link or QR code which links to a unique enrolment page.

Click on the link or use your phone to to see this:


Enter your name and email address before clicking SUBMIT.

You will either be sent an or be taken directly to our launch page.

Invitation email
If you already enrolled either by your administrator or through self-enrolment then you should have received an invitation email that looks like this:


It will originate from our website at admin@bodyswaps.co. In some cases your mail box may quarantine this or send it to the spam folder by mistake. So please check your spam if you are expecting onw and can’t find it.

Click on the link in the email to take you to our launch page.

Your Bodyswaps account
In some cases, you may want to generate access modules directly from our website at /
This gives you the chance to browse content at your own pace and come back to top up your skills. To do this you will need to register fully by creating a password. Your trainer will need to invite you first.

You should then receive an registration email like this:


Follow the link to create a secure password. You only need to this once.

Login into your Bodyswaps account using email / password combination here:

On your home page, you will see your available training modules, click on the PLAY button on the module you want to play to take you to the relevant instructions.


Launching content
When you get to the launch page it should look like this.


This launcher will help you make sure you have the correct version of Bodyswaps for your device and give you the correct access code.

Step 1 - Select the device
Step 2 - Download the Bodyswaps app for your device using the link provided (unless you are using the Browser version)
Step 3 - Enter the code that is provided into the app when challenged


Codes last typically between 5-10 minutes, so you’ll need to use them within that time. If you can’t, don’t worry, you can just generate a new code.

How to use the code
Run the Bodyswaps app you have installed.

Accept the EULA and any security permission pop-ups that appear.

After a short moment you should see a enter code screen like this:


However you may also see the screen below. Don’t worry just click on the 9 dots icon in the bottom right hand corner which will take you to the code entry screen.


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