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Copy of Team Backlog Ranking

Team backlog ranking

Align as a team on what to work on next with this simple exercise.
The problem: What do we do next?
I've never been on a team with a shortage of excellent ideas. Every time we start a simple backlog ー whether for a full product, a team, or the capabilities of a feature ー it quickly grows into an inspiring, lengthy roadmap.

We're often faced with an important decision: of all these amazing ideas, which do we do next?

The solution: A simple team exercise
This doc helps you run a simple team exercise to draw out everyone's best thoughts, clarify different principles and strategies, and build alignment.

Team exercise
Ask each team member to complete the exercise below. Each person will only see their own answers.

1. Principles
What principles should guide the features we choose next?
No results from filter
2. Build your short list
Review the list of feature ideas, and add the top ideas to your short list.
Drag & drop text
Quickly re-arrange any paragraph by dragging it to a new position
Interactive list style, where checking an item changes its formatting
Collapsible headings
Collapsing and expand headings to show and hide content
Quote styles
Format quotes to make them stand out from other text
Section outline
Show an outline with shortcuts to jump to any heading
Word count
Show the count of words in a section or doc
Font styles
Choose a serif font or large size
Drag & drop text
Add to short list
Add to short list
Quickly re-arrange any paragraph by dragging it to a new position

3. Stack rank
Refine your short list into an ordered list, with a maximum of
items. Add a brief note on the reasoning for each item.
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items in your list (maximum:

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