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What are Business Systems?
What are business systems?

Processes & Procedures

The instructions, checklists and guidelines needed to operate your business
The power of having Processes & Procedures:
Your business will have consistency in how you operate. Everyone will have the same experience when purchasing your product, or onboarding with you as a client.
You will have the ability to easily add assistants or team members because you have a set of instructions to pass on to them to start working immediately.
You can build a true passive business because you’ll be able to step away and let others operate the business using your processes & procedures.
In this example we will show a sample of a checklist that has been created for a company to use each time they send an email offer to customers.
Sending a marketing email to customers/clients
Decide on product and price offering
Decide which customers to send offer to
Write email (email copy)
Design email (graphics)
Design landing page for offer (if applicable)
Test offer
Schedule email in email marketing system (EMS)

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