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What are Business Systems?

Need Tech Help?

This document is created by Team . We are a woman-owned business based out of Northern California. We have a mission to help entrepreneurs who are trying to change the world with their services. We know you need tech and business systems to do it, and that’s where we come in.
Join Our Tech Empowerment Community
Interested in learning how to use all of the tools mentioned in this document, so you can manage your business systems and tech on your own?
In January 2023, we will be taking on a limited number of entrepreneurs for our first cohort of the year for our Business Systems Bootcamp. This is a hands-on learning program where you will build your systems and set up your software with us in a group setting and gain the knowledge you need to manage your own tech needs moving forward. All of the software we will build together involves no code, and a minimal knowledge of business systems to get started.
When you become part of our tech empowerment community, you will also have access to our weekly tech help, where we answer any ongoing questions you may have about your business software throughout 2023!
Click below to join the waitlist! Once the January 2023 cohort fills up, we will take another group to start in May 2023, so don’t wait!
Our Services
We can help you create your own customized software for your company using Coda so you can track and organize expenses, inventory, customers, tenants, property information, and so much more! We also provide consulting services in all of the key six areas discussed in this document. Schedule a short 20-minute chat with our team to see if we’re the right fit for your needs.
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