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What are Business Systems?
What are business systems?

Email Marketing System

A tool used to create and legally send & track emails to your customers. Also commonly referred to as an EMS.
Why having an EMS is important:
An EMS will protect your business by keeping you in compliance with the , which requires you to give email recipients the option to unsubscribe from your business emails.
An EMS will give you the ability to automate email communications with your customers. For example, you can create a series of emails that automatically send to a customer based off a purchase they make, or a program they sign up for. (Also known as a nurture sequence.)
An EMS has built in tools to help you design your emails according to your business branding, including adding your logo to emails.
A great EMS will have built-in capabilities to give you the option for tagging customers based on attributes like things they purchase, demographics (age, location, gender), or how they heard about your services or products.
Gives you the ability to create multiple landing pages, so you can create targeted marketing offers for your services and track where sales came from.
is one of our favorite EMS platforms because it gives you ability to manage customer contact information, design a website and build landing pages, and so much more, all in one system.

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