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What are Business Systems?
What are business systems?

Customer Journey Mapping

The steps your customers take when interacting with your business to achieve their goals.
The power of creating a great customer journey:
Helps improve the customer experience by building empathy, so you can create loyal repeat customers.
Helps you understand where and how you need to market your business, so you can set up marketing systems that attract leads.
Helps you understand what software you need in order to collect customer information.
When you build in feedback opportunities (surveys) along the customer journey, you can collect information to improve your sales and services.
Example: A Financial Consulting Business
Starting Point:
In this example, we have four starting points for a customer: social media, a QR code on presentation slides, a QR code on a business card and a blog post.
Ending Point:
The ultimate goal in this example is to get the customer’s email address, so we can share information about financial services.
To achieve that goal, they are directed to a landing page with an offer for a YouTube series on financial literacy in exchange for their contact information. The client clicks on the link, provides their email address and the YouTube series is delivered to them.
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